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Hotels expand their offerings for children and adults

Posted on Thursday 02 February 2012 in Indonesia, United States of America, Miami


When families begin to plan their upcoming holiday together, it can be exciting go over all the possibilities for the trip.  - Miami Travel News

When families begin to plan their upcoming holiday together, it can be exciting go over all the possibilities for the trip. However, when travellers are different ages and prefer to do various activities, forming a satisfactory itinerary that pleases everyone can be difficult. Some locales could be ideal for the older crowd, while others may have a plethora of children's events. However, if families are a blend of both, finding common ground can be frustrating and may detract from the vacation experience. Fortunately, some hotel companies have recognised this dilemma and are offering exclusive 'Kid's Clubs" for little ones so parents and guardians can spend a relaxing evening out. These types of options can be great for travel groups, as it ensures everyone has a memorable time on a getaway.

According to The New York Times, these types of facilities are becoming more popular in recent years, especially at more high-end hotels. For instance, if travellers have reserved a Miami Beach car hire and are heading to the Fontainleau hotel, families can check in together and then go their separate ways for a night or two to participate in age-appropriate activities. These accommodations have a special room for kids to hang out in, supervised by hotel staff, so parents can enjoy a meal out in Miami without worrying about the little ones. This may help travelling families alleviate stress by spending some time separately while on holiday.

These types of clubhouses for kids can be found all over the world. If tourists are looking to reserve rooms at one of the stylish Bali hotels and they are taking their trip with children, they may consider a stay at the Bali Dynasty Resort. The company's website reports that they have a fun Kupu-Kupu Kiddies Club facility that welcomes children from four to 12 years of age. All activities, including the massive pool, drawing room and mealtimes are supervised, so parents can run errands or take a tour with just the adults for a few hours.

The Westin Hotel in Panama City offers a top-notch kids club for families to enjoy. The complex was completed as of last summer, so many of the services and amenities included are modern and state-of-the-art. Global Travel Industry News reports that the Westin Playa Bonita Panama is one of many facilities in this hotel chain that includes a specialised area just for little ones. Kids also may receive a swag bag upon arrival, filled with fun toys and things to do to keep them entertained, according to the hotel's website. If parents prefer to schedule definite times for their children to be supervised, they can pay an additional fee and either go on day excursions without the children or have them participate in the Parent's Night Out events at the hotel.

This particular Westin hotel also has an exclusive meal plan for children, so travelling parents need not worry about younger picky eaters who may not be keen on the local cuisine. Perks like this can be very useful when tourists wish to explore exotic locales with little ones but are concerned about kids adjusting to the new environment.

Indian travellers who are interested in staying in hotels that have a designated area for children to have fun in can look into larger chains and upscale accommodations, which often designate trained hotel professionals for childcare and kid-friendly activities.

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