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Strange hotels for a unique holiday

Posted on Saturday 23 July 2011 in Australia, Canada, Sweden, Boston


Quebec boasts a number of unique buildings - Boston Travel News

Just as new corporate hotel chains spread to cities around the world, unique and eccentric avant-garde accommodations are also appearing with some truly strange features.

One of the most famous alternative hotels is the Ice Hotel in Quebec, Canada. The structure itself is made of ice and snow, meaning it's reconstructed each winter (and melts each spring). Many of the details inside are also ice, from the furniture and walls to the drinking glasses. Some 85,000 visitors tour the building each year, and while only 4,000 or so stay overnight, many enjoy the Ice Bar and the local Quebec City area attractions like outdoor skating and dog-sled rides. For those with a sense of adventure (and a lot of winter clothing), this could be one of the most unforgettable romantic holidays of a lifetime.

As far north as Quebec but considerably warmer is the Jumbo Hostel at the Stockholm Arlanda Airport in Sweden. A 1976 Boeing 747 was hollowed out to create the hostel, with 27 modern rooms, on-board dining and a small conference room. Although the plane doesn't move, it's a quick trip from the airport terminal, and an unexpected sight after leaving the inside of a working plane.

For a much warmer (and quieter) stay, the Desert Cave Hotel in Coober Pedy, Australia, is in the heart of the the country's famous Outback region. The hotel is carved from sandstone and partly underground, so while not as cold as the Ice Hotel, the rooms stay much cooler than the hot conditions above. The grounds feature a pool and a restaurant, and cheap flights to Adelaide, Australia, will bring travelers within a day's drive of the area.

For a more urban vacation, travelers vacationing in America can stay in one of the newest iconic Boston hotels, the Liberty Hotel. The Beacon Hill neighborhood building was made by renovating and expanding a 19th-century prison. Much of the exposed brick and ironwork in the lobby and guest areas are original to the building, and the facade facing the city is partly that of the old jail. Guests won't feel as uncomfortable as the original inhabitants - the Liberty is a luxury hotel with fine linens, upscale service and a new Boston hotspot in its bar, Clink. Upper-floor rooms have views of the Charles river and the neighboring city of Cambridge or the downtown Boston skyline.

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