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Paramount Pictures develops new hotel brand for movie-themed stays

Posted on Wednesday 09 May 2012 in United Arab Emirates, Dubai


Pop culture has been a driving force in the tourism industry for generations, with themed hotels, special movie set tours or even restaurants based on musical acts. - Dubai Travel News

Pop culture has been a driving force in the tourism industry for generations, with themed hotels, special movie set tours or even restaurants based on musical acts. Indian travellers will find that no matter where they roam they will run into attractions that pay homage to movies, books, songs and more that are an integral part of many people's lives.

For instance, Paramount Pictures is looking to developing its own hotel chain in the United Arab Emirates, specifically Dubai. Travellers who book Dubai holiday packages in the future may be able to reserve a room at one of the Hollywood-themed hotels that could be built in the city in the near future.

Experts are already working on plans during meetings being held in Spain. The project is being managed by a company called PHR, which is based in Dubai and specialises in new hotel ventures throughout the city. The idea is to incorporate aspects of several blockbusters produced by Paramount into aspects of the hotels. Travellers may see rooms, lounges and inspired by movies like "The Godfather," "Titanic," "Saturday Night Fever,"and "Mission: Impossible." Opening the hotel in Dubai could be as soon as 2015, while other projects are slated for other parts of the world, including Russia, South Africa and Brazil.

"The Paramount brand is known the world over, from its iconic gates to its impressive cinematic history," said Thomas Van Vilet, chief executive officer of PHR. "Our goal is to deliver on the expectations of the brand with experiences that are ‘unmissable, unforgettable, and unmistakable.' We are thrilled to be sharing this exciting news today."

Themed hotels are not a new concept for accommodations throughout the world. Many companies will take ideas and inspiration from pop culture and the arts to create unique and sometimes strange places to stay. For instance, if travellers have considered a holiday to Costa Rica, they can stay at Tree House Lodge near the Punta Uva Beach. Guests reach the bungalows by a suspended bridge, and can enjoy the ultimate seclusion from crowded beaches, as the house allows patrons to simply admire the surrounding landscape. Built from sustainable woods and materials, the tree house is good for the environmentally conscious, offering a eco-friendly theme to anyone's holiday.

On the other hand, travellers who rather be underground than up in the trees can make reservations in Cappadocia, Turkey, at the Anatolian Houses. These accommodations are crafted inside volcanic caves and boast lavish decor, stone walls and pools built right into the cliffside.

Travellers who wish to keep with a movie theme also have several options before the new Paramount Hotels open their doors. According to SkyScanner, some will journey to the country of Tunisia in Africa, where some scenes from Star Wars were filmed at the Berber Hotel Sidi Driss. Visitors may stay in the cave-like rooms and visit the hotel's restaurant where the cast and crew filmed part of the movies.

James Bond fans can take flights to Paris and stay at the Seven Hotel downtown. The locale has an exclusive suite that has features paying homage to the famous spy flicks, such as state-of-the-art electronics, a golden gun lamp and lounge area to invite friends over for some shaken-not-stirred martinis.

Indian travellers have a range of interesting options when it comes to themed hotels and resorts. Booking holidays with these types of accommodations can be a unique way to spend time with loved ones in a new locale.

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