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New law limits travelers to New York hotels

Posted on Friday 30 July 2010 in Hotels, New York


There are hundreds of hotels in New York - Hotels Travel News

Each year, travelers from across the globe converge on New York City to take advantage of the glorious shopping, dining and entertainment options to be found in the big apple. Though the city is a popular tourist destination, it is far from a cheap one, and while travelers in the past have had a wide array of options when it comes to accommodations, a new law will restrict budget-conscious travelers to more traditional New York hotels.

Authored by New York Governor, David Patterson, the new law now prohibits citizens and visitors to the famed city from renting an apartment for less than 30 days. Ostensibly, the move is an attempt by the state government to crack down on unsafe and illegal hotels operating within the city and remove housing opportunities for perennial citizens.

Opponents of the new law, however, fear that the legislation will prevent travelers from finding reasonably priced accommodations through services like CrashPadder, an online community that connects property owners with travelers in need of a place to stay for a low price.

Stephen Rapoport, co founder of the site, believes that they provide a service to cost-conscious vacationers.

"The advent of social media has empowered people to interact in many real-world ways - offering one another overnight accommodation is just one - in a way which is safer and simpler than the alternatives," he told RelaxNews.

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