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New hotel designs create lavish and luxurious places to stay

Posted on Thursday 03 May 2012 in Hotels, Dubai


 It may take a lot these days to impress travellers when it comes to memorable places to stay on holiday. - Hotels Travel News

It may take a lot these days to impress travellers when it comes to memorable places to stay on holiday. Hotels and resorts are introducing more first-class amenities and services than ever before, giving affluent travellers the chance to experience one-of-a-kind accommodations no matter where they choose to travel.

For instance, Indian tourists interested in venturing to Dubai may soon have a brand new hotel to stay at that is completely unique and incredibly designed. The project is being overseen by a building company called Drydocks World that hopes to create accommodations located in the water near the city. The hotel will be near coral reefs without disturbing the ecosystem. This way, hotel patrons will able to see the colourful fish swim by from their spacious underwater guest rooms.

The idea is to create a hotel that is partly above the water's surface, with guest rooms and meeting places submerged.

"This combination will allow guests to admire the depths of the ocean while making the most of the warm climate," Bogdan Gutkowski, president of Big invest Group said. "Water Discus Hotel project opens many new fields of development for hotel and tourism sector, housing and city sector in the coastal off-shore areas, as well as new opportunities for ecology support by creation of new underwater ecosystems and activities on underwater world protection."

There are some other underwater hotel rooms in the world, including in the Maldives. However, the plan for Dubai would be the first hotel to focus on submerged accommodations that will cater exclusively to luxury travel guests.

The project in Dubai is not the only lavish hotel in the works for the future. Various design and architecture companies worldwide are using modern technology and innovation to create their own over-the-top hotels for guests to experience on holiday. In the past few years, many have been introduced to the general public that offer unusual and special features for those not have a limit on their getaway budget.

For instance, Indian travellers who take flights to Venice and want to stay in a classically luxurious hotel can make reservations at the Hotel Cipriani, reports CNN. The suites at this facility boast top-notch European furnishings and panoramic views of the Venetian lagoons.

"[Hotel Ciprinani is] laid back because it's away from the madness of St. Mark's Square," Joyce Falcone, owner of the travel company called Italian Concierge, told the news source. "They also have a great pool and grounds, which is pretty novel in Venice with land at a premium," Falcone said.

Another memorable and stunning hotel suites travellers could indulge in can be reserved as part of Hong Kong holiday packages. The Intercontinental multi-room presidential suite is on the top floor and in the middle of the city, offering travellers their own private pool area that can be illuminated at night so guests can see breathtaking views of the skyline. Those who stay in this exclusive suite also have access to a personal gym, dining room and study.

Travellers from India do not have to journey far for luxurious vacations. Some may wish to stay in the country and make reservations at the Taj Falaknuma Palace. Bathed in white decor, sculptures and fountains, the hotel reflects the royal lifestyle and is on top of a hill 2,000 feet high, giving the impression that guests are staying in the clouds.

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