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Foodies may enjoy the Grand Hotel Cour Maison's summer programs and events

Posted on Tuesday 31 May 2011 in Italy


This summer is a great time to take a culinary exploration of the Alps - Italy Travel News

Food lovers who wish to plan a trip from India to Italy this summer may want to stay at the Grand Hotel and Residence Cour Maison, which is located in a village in the northwest part of the country. The property is situated in the Aosta Valley and overlooks Mont Blanc. According to its website, this hotel is one of the most exclusive and glamorous resorts in Italy.

Beginning in June, the Grand Hotel will host a series of adventure, sport, wellness and gastronomy happenings. The culinary undertakings in particular have been highlighted by the resort, and they will run from the 17th of next month until the 16th of September. As one of the 12 sites that have been selected by the Department of Tourism to host the Saveurs en Musique exhibition, the Cour Maison will showcase the cuisine of the Aosta Valley. Visitors to the area may be interested in including one of these events in their summer travel plans, as they will only be offered for a limited amount of time.

The La Baita restaurant - located in the Grand Hotel - will host a specialty dinner in honor of the exhibition's launch on June 16th. A unique menu will be featured, and the chefs will all highlight chestnuts in their preparation and presentation of dishes. Wines that are exclusive to the Aosta Valley will be paired with each course, and representatives from each winery that will be showcased will be on hand to describe their contributions. Visitors will also be entertained by renditions of authentic folk stories and music traditional to the area.

On July 23 and 24, chef Nicola Ricciardi will give cooking lessons at the Grand Hotel. These classes will be part of the town-wide Les gouts du Mont Blanc - or the Tastes of Mont Blanc - which is a culinary fair in Pré Saint Didier featuring the cuisine and wines of Italy, Switzerland, and France. Visitors who attend Chef Ricciardi's course will prepare their own interpretations of traditional regional cuisine.

Those who have planned trips to the area in the early fall may be interested in attending the Buyin'Vda exhibition, which the Grand Hotel will host on September 1 and 2. This international tourism exchange will highlight the many activities and opportunities for travel in the Aosta Valley. The event is expected to be well-attended and will feature workshops that are related to touristic activities. International tour operators will be present and will offer vacation packages.

Outside of the gastronomic events and activities that the Grand Hotel and Residence Cour Maison will host this summer, there are other pursuits available that may be of interest to travelers. The resort offers horseback riding, hiking tours though the mountain range, indoor rock climbing and ice skating, curling, and squash. For the extremely adventurous, paragliding, hang-gliding, white water rafting and hydrospeeding in the Dora River are offered as well. Golfers on this vacation may enjoy playing 18 holes at the Grand Jorasses Golf Club while they take in the gorgeous Alpine scenery.

Travelers may enjoy their stay at the Grand Hotel because it offers something for almost everyone. Whether visitors want to be pampered at the spa, putt a few rounds, experience the cuisine of the area or engage in exciting adventure sports, there are many ways to enjoy a vacation in the Aosta Valley. As the resort is hosting many events in the upcoming months, this summer may be a great time to plan a visit. However, the hotel also offers similar exhibitions and fairs in the winter - albeit with a slightly different theme - which may render it a fun destination for travelers from India at any time of the year. 

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