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Young Indian travelers want to get away from it all

Posted on Friday 10 June 2011 in Holidays


Being without a cell phone can have its benefits, GenNext-ers say - Holidays Travel News

The Indian Times has reported a new travel trend among the youth of India: cell phone-free trips. Describing this as a way to get away from it all, college students and young professionals are purposely seeking out destinations with limited connectivity in order to have the most freeing and relaxing vacation possible.

GenNext, or the population of young people in India who have grown up in the technological age, armed with cell phones and personal computers almost since birth, are now looking to shed these ties when on summer holidays. Many individuals who were interviewed by the news source described the ability to be out of touch and free of their many different communication platforms as a privilege to be reveled in.

"The youngsters today are constantly under great pressure," Atika Singh, a business and communication student at Jesus and Mary College in Delhi, told the media outlet. "They have several relationships to deal with that takes it toll on them so once in a while they want to disconnect with the world. Holiday destination where they connect with themselves rather than with others is gaining preference among them since it gives them the time to think which is not possible in the mad rush of things."

A popular destination for a communication-free holiday is Africa, where many GenNext-ers have planned to go on safari this summer. Cell phone towers are few and far between in the obscure locales that these young people plan to visit on holiday. Many do not even wish to stay in hotels or hostels while away, preferring to camp out without electricity or the numerous other technological luxuries that they have learned to rely on. The necessity of walking several kilometers in order to make a phone call has been described as a great relief, as it allows individuals to be cut off from the constant "irksome" communication that they experience in daily life.

Though the Economic Times reports that GenNext-ers have experienced an 8 percent increase in per capita income over the past five years, and as such, have a larger wallet share to spend on travel, many are choosing not to leave the country for holiday this season. Instead, large groups will enjoy nature and the diverse wildlife of the Dhikala Forest around Jim Corbertt Park. Here too, there is limited cell phone service, which seems to be part its allure. 

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