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Rome Travel News

Where to eat during your Rome holidays - Rome Travel News

The old adage, "when in Rome, do as the Romans do," arguably doesn't apply better than when referring to eating. It's no secret that Italians can whip up some of the most famous dishes in the world, and Rome stands a pinnacle to everything that ma.. Read more

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Travel like an emperor in Rome - Rome Travel News

Arguably the city with the most profound and paramount periods of history in the entire world, Rome is a traveller's dream, flourishing with thousands of years of famous icons, prominent landmarks and stunning architecture. From the birth of a republic to the fall o.. Read more

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Best weekend getaways from Rome - Short Breaks Travel News

If you're spending an extended holiday in the Eternal City, why not take some weekend getaways to the countryside? Here are some nearby towns with plenty of charm and history:

Ostia Antica This ancient port city is only about a 25-kilom.. Read more

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Where to find the best gelato in Rome - Food & Wine Travel News

Just as they perfected aqueducts, heated floors, segmental arches and sewers, the Romans - albeit the less ancient ones - also perfected the sweet, creamy and sumptuous frozen treat known as gelato. Though The Eternal City is dotted with hundreds of gelaterias, here are.. Read more

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Ten swankiest airport bars around the world - Airport Travel News

Though you might not picture an airport as a venue to grab a classy cocktail in an upscale environment; rather, we typically think of fast food or overpriced, mediocre restaurants. But whether you need a strong drink to calm your nerves before air travel or you're j.. Read more

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