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Adventure Travel News

Arctic adventure travel - Adventure Travel News

Ideally, we tend to pick a place that is revered for tropic climates and warm weather when choosing a holiday destination. While it's hard to complain about spending a trip basking in the sun and lounging on a beach, just because somewhere is cold doesn't m.. Read more

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Top safaris in Africa - Adventure Travel News

Enormous elephants, roaming giraffes and packs of wild lions are not relatively common spectacles witnessed in city life. Luckily, there are plenty of African safaris that allow city slickers the once-in-a-lifetime chance to see these magnificent wildlife creatures in t.. Read more

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Get extreme for your next holiday - Adventure Travel News

If the idea of travelling around a country, taking pictures of stationary landmarks, walking through tours of supposedly famous buildings that now rest unoccupied and achieving the peak of your trip through gorging on food sounds a tad mundane to you, perhaps it's t.. Read more

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The world's best national parks - Adventure Travel News

National parks provide some of the most unparalleled beauty in their home countries. If you prefer the great outdoors to any big cities, plan your next holiday around one of these world-class conservation areas:

South and Central America:  Los Glaciar.. Read more

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Get your scallywag on at pirate festivals around the world! - Adventure Travel News

Deep down inside everyone, there is something that begs for a little rowdiness once in a while, and nothing screams tomfoolery more than the pirate way of life. Believe it or not, there are plenty of festivals devoted to imitating the swashbuckler culture all .. Read more

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