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Top Luxury Holidays Destinations

Experiencing the sights, sounds, culture and cuisine of a new and exciting country, with the comfort and security of a fine resort or hotel to return to at the end of each day, is one of life’s greatest treats. Here are five destinations that provide discerning travellers from around the world with all the luxury they demand...and sometimes even more than they expect!
London Luxury Holidays |

1London Luxury Holidays

London is one of the world’s most popular cities. It’s full of history, excitement and commerce. Brimming with famous sights and attractions, fabulous shopping venues, gorgeous cathedrals and castles from centuries past, and entertainment galore, London is a hotspot for everything you could wish for.

This city offers the finest in luxury accommodations, gourmet dining and pounding nightlife. You have your choice of hotels that have aged into splendor, or new, modern hotels that push the design envelope. There are hotels designed to resemble luxurious boudoirs and hotels created with Asian minimalism. Most hotels house several restaurants. You can choose to dine casually or in the utmost in style and ambience. European chefs are renowned the world over for their thorough culinary training. From salmon mousse to stewed rabbit, these chefs will tempt your senses.

Indulge in the English tradition of tea, a meal taken twice during the day. Delicious cups of tea are accompanied by delicate sandwiches, rich scones and a variety of marvelous cakes. At night London’s exotic bar scene comes to life. From rowdy pubs to sleek champagne bars, you have your pick of the very best in entertainment, food, drinks and music. London will pamper you like you’ve never experienced before.

New York Luxury Holidays |

2New York Luxury Holidays

New York City is the pinnacle of excitement and glitz. The eyes of the world turn to New York City to assess its style, its chic and its wealth. It’s the home of a plethora of famous people: actors, designers, producers and writers. It’s the playground of the rich and the territory of the business elite.

Visiting New York can be a vacation of the utmost in cosmopolitan luxury. There are hotels that cater to those looking for a bargain, sure; but there are also hotels that offer the ultimate in rich furniture, fully-appointed rooms, stocked private mini bars, Jacuzzis in the bathrooms and showers with surround-sound stereos installed. These hotels go beyond meeting your needs to offering you pleasure, pampering and extravagance.

When you’re in New York you’ll sample shopping that is unmatched anywhere else. Clothing boutiques, perfumeries, leather outfitters, shoe stores and so much more abound here. In New York, there is no limit. You can find bargains and you can spend thousands. Anything you could possibly want is available. New York is home to some of the most famous restaurants in the world. Four Seasons, the Russian Tea Room, La Grenouille, 21 - at these elite establishments you’ll find sumptuous food, impeccable wait staff, gorgeous surroundings and comprehensive wine lists.

Paris Luxury Holidays |

3Paris Luxury Holidays

Bonjour, and welcome to Paris, one of the most luxurious, romantic getaways in the world. Paris will take your breath away, with its gorgeous cathedrals and charming pastry shops. Finding a gorgeous hotel to stay in is a breeze, as opulence adorns this beautiful city. Plenty of great hotel deals are to be found in this wistful, romantic city of Paris. Whatever you choose, Paris can make it happen for you. Do you want French cuisine and a luxurious hotel room? Do you want to stay in a historical piece of architecture? Paris can bring about these romantic dreams for you.

The city life is truly invigorating in France's capital, Paris. Parisian culture is adorned with opera houses, art, cuisine, and other cultural attractions. Nowhere else, can you find the world's best art museum and richest French cuisine within one place. Paris has endless cultural attractions to offer its privileged visitors. The Louve is truly a must-see and will take away your breath, with its inspiring and historical art collection. Seeing the glowing Eiffel Tower at night in all its splendor will make you want to live in Paris the rest of your life.

To those who seek Paris, they will find its true beauty and romanticism. Only in Paris, indeed.

Switzerland Luxury Holidays |

4Switzerland Luxury Holidays

Switzerland with its scenic snow-topped Alps, fine chocolates and high-end watches is a land of luxury. The country is one of the wealthiest in the world and home to large banking system giving way to its luxurious reputation. Switzerland has two cities within the country that are ranked among the highest quality of living in the world, Geneva and Zurich. These international cities are home to wealth and with it streets lined with high-end designer boutiques, deluxe cosmopolitan hotels and fine restaurants to dine in. These cities are full of foreign nationals and cater to all that pay a visit.

The resort town of St. Moritz is a playground for the rich and famous. The town is one of the oldest and most famous winter resort towns in the world. Visitors can relax in one of many luxury hotels after a long day of Alpine skiing or shopping the many designer boutiques.

Switzerland has all the makings of a luxury destination with its world class dining, deluxe accommodations, and fine items for purchase. The natural beauty of the country is a luxury in itself. The blue bodies of water, like Lake Geneva, and the Swiss Alps are certainly a luxury to be enjoyed by visitors of Switzerland.

Dubai Luxury Holidays |

5Dubai Luxury Holidays

This gorgeous old city is another ‘must’ for all Australians, and it’s got all the ingredients necessary for an ideal short break: great sights, loads of atmosphere, excellent cafes and restaurants, nightlife, entertainment and every class of accommodation, plus, of course, a whole historic island to explore – if you can tear yourself away!

But we think you’ll be happy to spend your time in and around Hobart. The city is small and packed with attractions, so get out there and explore! Head to Battery Point, Constitution Dock, Government House, the museums, Mount Wellington – and don’t miss the markets at Salamanca Square every Saturday morning.

If you’re visiting for the first time, we know you’ll fall in love with this very special Aussie destination – and if you’ve visited before, well, that just proves our point!

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