Marylebone Travel Guide

Marylebone featuring street scenes and heritage architecture
Get a glimpse into London’s celebrity world in this area filled with plastic surgery clinics, chic restaurants and upscale shopping boulevards.

Marylebone is a fashionable area with classy residences, buzzing shopping avenues and a great range of budget and upscale restaurants. Many famous figures and noble families have lived in this affluent district over the years. Browse eclectic shops, peruse unusual museums and pick up fresh fare from specialty shops, such as patisseries and artisan butchers, and the farmers market.

Stroll down one of the district’s main shopping streets, such as Chiltern Street or Marylebone High Street. The shopping avenues have a mix of independent stores and department chains. Note how the elegant shop fronts enhance the neighborhood’s upmarket ambiance. Marylebone’s polished appearance belies its violent history as the setting for public executions at the Tyburn gallows. The last executions took place here in the late 18th century.

Be ready to spot famous faces as you walk along the lavish commercial boulevards. Dine at one of the trendy restaurants found on Moxon Street. Amble along famous Harley Street, world-renowned as a hub for the doctors and plastic surgeons of the rich and famous.

Among the highlights of the area is the Wallace Collection. Admire this art gallery’s array of antique furniture, porcelain and classic paintings. The Marquess of Hertford and Sir Richard Wallace collected this impressive assortment of treasures from the 18th and 19th centuries.

Make your way to Baker Street to learn about the fictional world of Sherlock Holmes. Visit the Sherlock Holmes Museum, set in a townhouse that resembles his “221B” home in the books. The museum contains wax figures and intriguing relics relating to Holmes. Enter the nearby Madame Tussauds to see lifelike wax versions of celebrities.

Join locals at the farmer’s market held on Saturdays. Browse the stalls selling pastries, fruit, vegetables and meat.

Marylebone is located a little to the northwest of central London, between Regent’s Park and Hyde Park. Take the London Underground or ride a bus here.

Enjoy diverse shopping and cultural experiences in this stylish district.

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