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Phuket Tourism Guide

Phuket is one of the most popular beach destinations in Asia. Off the South West coast of Thailand, nestled in the Andaman Sea, this huge island is a great place to go to for a tropical break. It has a great reputation for beach parties, but that’s not all Phuket is good for. Phuket has a… Continue reading Phuket Tourism Guide

Best Luxury Hotels in the Paradise of Bali

Bali is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful holiday destinations in the World. From beautiful beaches to lush landscapes; this island really has lots to offer for anyone seeking a wonderful break from everyday life, which explains its popularity with travellers from around the world. When you’re not relaxing on the stunning Sanur, an unbeatable… Continue reading Best Luxury Hotels in the Paradise of Bali

The Best Hotels in Maldives – Expedia Insiders Choice

Maldives is the picture of paradise. Azure waters skirt along white-sand beaches, marine life dance in their corals only feet from the shore, palm trees sway in the breeze. And sunsets here are a photographer’s dream, as the orange glow descends over the perfectly blue horizon. The best hotels in the Maldives are set just a… Continue reading The Best Hotels in Maldives – Expedia Insiders Choice

Singapore Tourism Guide

As one of the world’s shiniest, intriguing, modern cities, Singapore is a great destination for your next holiday. With a culmination of multiple cultures from Chinese to Indian, the luxurious and traditional find themselves side by side, which proves to be somewhat fascinating to visitors. For over 50 years Singapore has been committed to elevating… Continue reading Singapore Tourism Guide

Great Indian Food Abroad

  There are so many different cuisines to be tried around the world, but sometimes we just crave the taste of home. Things can get difficult when you’re trying to locate great Indian food abroad, and if this is something very important to you then we suggest trying countries with a large Indian population or significant… Continue reading Great Indian Food Abroad

Must-see attractions in Bangkok on a Budget

Bangkok has to be one of the best places to visit on a budget, as so many of the iconic attractions are available free or for small and affordable prices. Whether it is the city’s night life, iconic temples, traditional culture or just the plain weird, you can have it all without ever feeling like… Continue reading Must-see attractions in Bangkok on a Budget

Must-see attractions in Darjeeling

Boasting iconic railways, distinctive black tea plantations and Mt. Kanchenjunga, one of the world’s highest peaks, it’s no wonder that floods of tourists enjoy visiting Darjeeling every year. Its unique blend of culture and natural beauty draws travellers from across the globe. Dubbed The Queen of the Hills, this town takes the crown as one… Continue reading Must-see attractions in Darjeeling

Top 7 Must-Stay hotels in Hong Kong

Hong Kong literally translates in Cantonese as “Fragrant Harbour.” The climate is sub-tropic meaning that  the summers are hot and humid and the winters are mild. Due to its tumultuous history; Hong Kong is a melting pot of culture. A visit here will have you seeing, feeling and tasting many new things and you will… Continue reading Top 7 Must-Stay hotels in Hong Kong

Showing results 21 - 28 / 28