Walloon Region

Citadel of Huy featuring heritage architecture and château or palace

Enjoy the nature, historical architecture and local delicacies of the Francophone part of Belgium during a weekend away or a longer stay.

If you're looking for a nice holiday destination that isn't too far from home, Wallonia is the perfect choice! Enjoy the Ardennes, stunning castles and charming villages.

After Belgium became independent in the 19th century, a concept of language freedom arose in the country: everyone was allowed to speak whatever language they wanted to. In the beginning, French was most widely spoken, but over the years, the Flemish Movement, a political movement that protected the Dutch language, among other things, changed that. Ultimately, two regions were created: Flanders and Wallonia.

One of Wallonia’s biggest attractions is the Ardennes. Enjoy the nature, be active or admire castles such as Château de Modave, which is in the province of Liège. This big mediaeval castle with its impressive architecture has a number of lovely gardens.

Another must-see in the Ardennes are the Caves of Han, where you can explore extensive tunnels of stalactites and stalagmites. It’s a great place to spend a few hours or the whole day with your partner or the whole family.

If you're looking for more of an urban experience, head over to Liège, a vibrant city with all kinds of things to see. Climb the Montagne de Bueren for a fantastic view of the city, enjoy a typical Liège waffle, and learn about the local history at the Grand Curtius museum. You'll love it!

Wallonia's bigger cities are easy to reach by car and public transport. If you're thinking of heading to the Ardennes and staying there, a car is the best means of transport. There are regional buses if you don't feel like driving between the towns or to certain attractions.

Wallonia is a charming region full of cultural history and stunning nature. Book your trip and experience all the beautiful things this province has to offer.

Popular cities in Walloon Region

Royal Opera of Wallonia which includes interior views and theatre scenes
Known for Historical, Castle and Opera houses
Get away to Liege! Enjoy the history, aquarium and theatre.

Reasons to visit

  • Royal Opera of Wallonia
  • Place Saint-Lambert
  • Liege Cathedral
Dinant showing heritage architecture and a lake or waterhole
Known for Rivers, Budget and Cathedrals
With an ancient citadel, a gothic cathedral and a museum dedicated to the creator of the saxophone, this riverside town in southern Belgium has a lot to offer.

Reasons to visit

  • Dinant Citadel
  • Rocher Bayard
Known for Rivers, Biking and Tours
Experience the museums, monuments and art in Namur!
Known for Cathedrals, Churches and Walking
Discover the charm of the capital of the Walloon province of Hainaut with its cultural heritage, museums and charming shops.
Known for Cathedrals, Rivers and Monuments
Tournai is calling! Discover its monuments, museums, culture and more.
Known for Business, Walking and Museums
There's a lot more to Charleroi than just the airport. Discover this big city just south of Brussels.