Fisherman's Wharf Travel Guide

San Francisco
Fisherman\'s Wharf which includes a bay or harbour
A historic neighbourhood by the waterfront, and a great place to eat out and enjoy the busy surroundings.

Long ago, the Chinese and Italian immigrants came to mine the ocean here in this traditional waterfront setting. Although the way of life on this historic wharf may have changed since its mid-19th century heyday, you'll still get to appreciate and enjoy the festive atmosphere for yourself.

The myriad fishing boats may have disappeared, with only a few vessels serving the many local restaurants here today. But they still catch the same wonderful fish in these waters. You can savour these in the upmarket seafood restaurants and at the clam chowder stand, littered around this thriving hub for shopping and entertainment. As well as great places to eat, all around Fisherman's Wharf you can find attractions, museums and lively street entertainment that will catch your eye.

Stretching from Ghirardelli Square on the west side of the wharf all the way to Pier 39 and the sea lions you'll find on the east, this spot is one of the most exciting and entertaining places to head around town.

Make sure you check out the Musee Mecanique, with its fascinating collection of old-fashioned mechanical machines and penny arcades that will take you back in time. At Ripley's Believe it or Not! you'll see all kinds of curiosities. If you've got the time, why not make your way to Pier 33 and get on board a ferry to take you across to the notorious Alcatraz Island.

If you're feeling hungry after all the fun and games on offer here, you'll find plenty of spots to eat, whether you're looking for a street food stall for a quick bite or a great restaurant. As well as fine seafood places, you can find Italian and Chinese restaurants and other ethnic spots. At some of the restaurants you'll also be able to book a table which will give you a commanding view of the ocean.

You can reach Fisherman's Wharf by public transport or on foot. If you're driving you can park close to the area but it will cost you. For a true San Francisco experience, take the Powell/Mason cable car which will leave you just a couple of blocks south of the wharf.

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