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New York

Known for Museums, Entertainment and Theatres

An iconic global capital which has inspired world-famous films, books and music.

How do you get to New York?

Renowned as the city so good they named it twice, New York truly is one of the world's great metropolises. Many know it as the Big Apple. Ask New Yorkers themselves and they might well tell you this is “the centre of the universe”.

Some 8,000,000 residents have the privilege of calling New York their home, and when you wander the streets in whichever part of the city you find yourself, you will be able to breathe the heady mixture of cultures which makes this place a truly global destination. Its five boroughs – Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and The Bronx – each present you with a unique vibe and ambience. One of its countless nicknames is “the city that never sleeps”, and wherever you are in the city at whatever time of day, you'll definitely find all sorts going on.

Spot the Statue of Liberty on the horizon around New York's harbour, the famous landmark known around the world. This was the first glimpse of America experienced by many immigrants from Europe, making the statue an enduring symbol of hope and freedom and a beacon for opportunity in building a new life in the New World.

Many more have followed and continue to arrive in New York several generations later, eager to make it big in this centre of culture, economics and so much more. Whether you find yourself amid the dazzling neon lights of Times Square or on the concourse at Grand Central Station, the genuine buzz is always palpable.

Across New York, you can explore the myriad of attractions that dominate any traveller's checklist. However, with so much life and culture, you can just as easily disappear from the tourist trail and enjoy life as New Yorkers do. For a taste of city living, head to the amusements on Coney Island, explore bohemian Brooklyn or take in the varied music and culture in Harlem. The most dramatic event that the city has witnessed in recent years can be remembered at The National 9/11 Memorial.

You may expect it to be tough to navigate the bustling streets, but if you use the subway system you can easily get around – simply buy a MetroCard and top it up as you travel. Start at Midtown East if this is your first visit; this is where you'll find the city's biggest landmarks, such as the Empire State Building, the Rockefeller Center and the Chrysler Building, and then from here you can venture further and uncover so much more of this monolith of a city.

Things to do in New York

The dazzlingly illuminated centrepiece of New York is a must-visit spot for all tourists.

This iconic business and entertainment hub has been a fixture on the New York City skyline ever since the 1930s.

Make your way to the top of this iconic tower where you'll be rewarded with unparalleled views across New York.

One of the world's most famous statues is an iconic symbol of freedom and hope to the country's immigrants and to visitors from all over the world.

A truly stunning transportation temple, passed through by many commuters and admired by visitors.

This iconic suspension bridge offers views of the Statue of Liberty from the East River.

Relive 60 years of immigration history as you explore the exhibits of this poignant museum. Find out if your ancestors passed through as they entered the U.S.

Venture into one of the world’s most iconic buildings, which harks back to a time of industrial growth and art deco flair.

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