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Gediminas Tower showing a sunset and a castle
This underrated Baltic destination offers an intriguing assortment of attractions, from Soviet remains, to centuries-old castles, to sandy stretches of coastline.

In Lithuania in northern Europe, picturesque beaches line the coast, while historic architecture dots the countryside and fills whole city neighborhoods. Take a tour of Baroque churches, explore 15th-century castles, go swimming in the Baltic Sea and choose from a variety of art museums and theater options.

Vilnius, Lithuania’s capital and largest city, features a variety of architectural styles. Marvel at towering Baroque domes, Gothic churches and Renaissance flourishes in the cobbled Old Town. For a peaceful retreat from the bustling urban center, stroll by the manicured flower beds at Bernardine Gardens and listen out for the calming trickling sounds of the garden’s fountain. Gediminas’ Tower, a castle just south of the Neris River, offers stunning views across the region.

Learn about Lithuania’s past in the city of Kaunas. Historical attractions, among them the 14th-century Kaunas Castle and 15th-century St. Gertrude Church, abound here. Visit in April for the International Kaunas Jazz Festival. During the summer months, a classical music festival is held at the Pažaislis Monastery.

Head to the port city of Klaipėda and wander around the Maritime Museum to learn more about the local seafaring industry. Relax on white-sand beaches along the coastline and take the whole family to the aquarium to learn about the Baltic Sea’s fascinating marine life.

Art and theater are popular in the city of Panevėžys. Attend a show at the Juozas Miltinis Drama Theatre, named after a theater director who trained many famous Lithuanian actors. Panevėžys is also home to the Puppet Wagon Theatre, which uses a horse-drawn cart to travel into remote villages across the region and put on shows for the local residents.

Lithuania has three international airports: Vilnius, Kaunas and Palanga. Vilnius is the main hub for most tourists. Once you land, take a bus or train into the city center to save money. If you prefer to rent a car, rest assured that Lithuania’s roads are in generally good condition and easy to navigate.

For a festive perspective on Lithuania, visit during the holiday season when the cities light up with decorations and Christmas markets.

Popular cities in Lithuania

Vilnius TV Tower which includes a sunset
Known for Historical, Business and Cathedrals
Trace the timeline of Lithuania’s capital city in its magnificent medieval fortresses, mesmerizing churches, intriguing museums and scenic riverside promenade.

Reasons to visit

  • St. Anne's Church
  • Vilnius University
  • Vilnius Cathedral
Known for Lakes, Spas and Bowling
Escape to relaxing Trakai! Enjoy its lake views, castle and temples.

Reasons to visit

  • Trakai Island Castle
  • Trakai Peninsula Castle
Known for Historical, Museums and Monuments
Kaunas awaits: its museums, monuments, entertainment and more!
Known for Nude beaches, Forests and Swimming
Neringa awaits: its forests, oceanfront, beaches and more!
Known for Beach view, Forests and Running
Trendy Palanga is calling! Discover its beaches, forests, culture and more.