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Frequently asked questions

Can I cancel my flight booking to Sri Lanka due to COVID-19?
Many airlines now offer greater flexibility due to COVID-19. Our Customer Service Portal will help solve most queries about changes to your flight. It’s also a good idea to check the terms and conditions of your chosen carrier — preferably before purchasing your tickets!
What's the best way to find cheap flights to Sri Lanka that have flexible change policies?
At Expedia, we’ve been channeling our inner gymnast to offer you the most flexible fares around town. Just click on “No change fee” directly under the “Flexible change policies” heading to find your dream flight to Sri Lanka.
What are some of the general tips for travelers to Sri Lanka during the COVID-19 outbreak?
If it’s your first time traveling during the COVID-19 pandemic, you’ll notice a few more rules and standards in place. Follow these tips and make your escape to Sri Lanka go off without a hitch:

  • Before booking your flight, see if any travel bans or restrictions apply — in both your destination and origin. Get the latest updates by checking government travel advisories.
  • Requirements state that you must wear a face mask throughout your travel experience, including at security checkpoints. Be prepared to lower your mask for ID purposes when asked by a TSA employee.
  • You’re no longer required to hand your boarding pass (electronic or paper) directly to a TSA employee. Rather, you should place the pass on the reader and then hold it up so the agent can inspect it.
  • TSA is now allowing passengers to take one container of hand sanitizer, up to 12 oz (350 ml) in size, in carry-on bags. This will need to be removed from your bag at the X-ray machine for screening.
  • To reduce handling during screening, put items such as your loose change and phone into your carry-on instead of into the bins.
  • If you’re taking food on the plane, place it in a clear plastic bag and then into a scanning bin. This lessens the likelihood that a TSA agent will need to touch your food container or carry-on bag for inspection.

How can I find cheap tickets to Sri Lanka?
You’ll always walk away with a terrific deal with Expedia, but our “flexible dates” search function makes it even easier. Enter your preferred flight date, then check the flexible dates box above to see prices for nearby days. was the best price for a flight to Sri Lanka in the last seven days.
How much is a flight to Sri Lanka?
In the last seven days, return tickets to Sri Lanka sold from just and reached a maximum cost of . For one-way journeys departing from (), the cheapest seat during this same period was .
When is the cheapest time to fly to Sri Lanka?
If you’d rather spend your vacation dollars enjoying Sri Lanka rather than on getting there, leave earlier in the week. The most cost-effective day to fly is normally Tuesday, with Monday a close second. With many people traveling on the weekend, Saturday often has the highest fares.
How much is a plane ticket to Sri Lanka?
Prices ranged from to over the last seven days. When you’re ready to book, we’ll be ready to help you lock in a cheap flight to Sri Lanka.
What is the best time to go to Sri Lanka?
A terrific time to explore Sri Lanka, along with the leading city of Jaffna, is over the bustling months of . Summer in this part of the world begins June 20, and you can expect temperatures of between 80 ºF (30 ºC) and 85 ºF (30 ºC) if you go then. This warmer weather is perfect for touring around the city sights.
What months are the cheapest to book a flight to Sri Lanka?
The perfect month to book low-cost flights to Sri Lanka is February. It’s worth remembering that in the U.S, the most expensive time to secure a seat is the festive month of December.

❓ Can I cancel my flight booking to Sri Lanka due to COVID-19??

✔️ Policies will vary from partner to partner, but many of them cover travel to highly impacted areas. The dates and destinations change frequently as more is learned about the situation, so it’s important for travelers to check in with the airline if they have an upcoming trip. Please visit our Customer Service Portal to learn more about what policies are available for your flight to Sri Lanka.

❓ What's the best way to find cheap flights to Sri Lanka that have flexible change policies?

✔️ Due to COVID-19, many of our trusted airline partners are waiving change fees for eligible new bookings to Sri Lanka, so consider filtering for these airlines during your search for cheap flights to Sri Lanka!

❓ What are the some of the general tips for travelers to Sri Lanka during the COVID-19 outbreak?

✔️ Most of our hotels in Sri Lanka offer free cancellation, so consider booking refundable hotels vs. non-refundable. Just look for the “free cancellation” message during your search. Prices can vary, but right now we believe that flexibility matters.

✔️ When purchasing flights tickets to Sri Lanka, remember to check the fine print as depending on what type of fare you choose, changes may either not be an option or could potentially incur a hefty fee. Be sure to read the terms and conditions of your ticket before making any purchases