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Bom Jesus do Monte featuring a garden and a castle
Against a scenic backdrop of mossy mountains, explore museums and churches in a charming city dedicated to religion and antiquity.

Historic architecture and majestic churches make up the charming city of Braga. This third-largest city in Portugal is famous for its religious relics, museums and prosperous soccer team. It’s one of the fastest-growing urban areas in Europe. The city is nestled in a valley between green hills and mountains. Relax in Braga’s Mediterranean climate with mild winters and hot summers.

Make a trip to the Bom Jesus do Monte (Good Jesus of the Mount) sanctuary north of the city. Climb the baroque stairway that meanders around small walls leading up to the church. Although religious structures on the hilltop date back to the 1300s, the current version of the sanctuary was built in the 18th century. Enjoy extraordinary views of Braga from the church.

Visit the Braga Cathedral, one of the most recognizable landmarks in Portugal, dating back to the third century. Admire its striking 15th-century gothic façade and take a tour of the elegant interior. See the São Frutuoso Chapel, an iconic seventh-century monument.

Explore the D. Diogo de Sousa Museum, which was founded in 1918. Its antiques and remnants from Braga come from the prehistoric era through to the Roman occupancy of the city. Look for the Museu dos Biscainhos in the palace of the same name. It is decorated with elegant features and works of art. Inspect the paintings and murals in the palace. You’ll find many remnants collected over the centuries in the site, such as antique furniture, porcelain and clocks.

Stroll through the Garden of Santa Barbara with perfectly trimmed hedges and colorful flower arrangements. Here you’ll see historic artifacts and a view of the Archbishop’s Palace from the garden.

Braga has many transportation links with Portugal’s second-largest city, Porto, due to its proximity along the Atlantic coast. Braga is an ideal spot to learn about the country’s rich history entwined with religion and Roman rule.

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Braga Cathedral showing street scenes

Old Town Braga

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Old Town Braga is noteworthy for its historical sites, and you can make a stop at top attractions like Braga Cathedral and Santa Barbara Garden.

Old Town Braga
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