By Expedia Team, on October 3, 2016

Plan a Cheap Europe Trip for Magical Christmas Holidays

Merry Christmas from all of us here at Expedia! To get the Christmas season started, we’re sharing tips about the best region for all things Christmas: Europe. Simply put, Europe at Christmas is magical. And Christmas holidays in Europe are the bestest!

Christmas Holidays in Europe christmas-divider

From outdoor ice-skating rinks, sporadic snowfall and Christmas markets with plenty of heart-warming traditional food (you must try the German sausages) and handmade gifts, there is an outpouring of a great many things to do across Europe.

Worried about cost? Fear not! There are wondrous destinations in Europe that you can visit in December at reasonable and relatively cheap price tags if you plan it well.

Cheap Europe Trip

While the Londons and Romes of Europe do an exceptional job at bringing in Christmas cheer, they attract bigger crowds and require bigger budgets. It’s peak season there, and that means peak prices. Instead, we’ve picked out Europe’s second cities that are slightly lesser-known destinations that make for more affordable Christmas holiday in Europe. It’s no less magical and definitely a completely different experience from Christmas in India. Your daily expenditure will also be considerably less if you plan a Europe trip to these spots — instead of paying around 6,000 rupees a day, you can expect to spend around 1,000 rupees and less!

Europe remains the classic choice for travellers seeking a holiday at Christmas time. In India, we decorate mango trees, but in Europe they do the same with fir trees — and they do go all out! So as a bonus, we’ve listed some of the most amazing Christmas trees around Europe and you can go see them for yourself on a cheap Europe trip for the Christmas holidays 🙂


Where to go for a Cheap Europe Trip for the Christmas Holidayschristmas-divider

Christmas in Kraków, Poland

Christmas in Poland - Christmas holidays in EuropeMinistry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland

Poland, particularly Kraków (a much lesser known city in Poland than the popular Warsaw), was designed for Christmas. During the Christmas period, the Polish architecture provides the perfect backdrop for the wealth of Christmas Market stalls, gingerbread houses and Christmas trees that pop up all over the city. This historically rich city has oodles of Christmas spirit, and their guaranteed snowfall delicately blankets their giant, shining Christmas tree making it a magical moment for everyone.

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Christmas in Moscow, Russia

Imagine a Fabergé egg and giant fir tree mixed together and you’ll have pictured the Christmas tree in Moscow’s famous Red Square. Moscow is incredibly cold over Christmas, but seeing this tree with the astounding St. Basil’s Cathedral in the background is definitely well worth it.There is one thing to watch out for though, Russia doesn’t celebrate Christmas Day until the 7th of January. So if you’re spending time with family in India, you can treat yourself to a second Christmas abroad in Russia. Perfect!

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Christmas in Brasov, Romania

Christmas Markets in Romania - Christmas holidays in Europe

How does a Transylvanian Christmas sound? Off the beaten track and in the heart of Romania’s most famous region, is the idyllic city of Brasov. The city’s architecture lies untouched and remains true to classic Romanian tradition, making it look like something out of a classic Christmas story…and of course, there is an outstanding Christmas tree.

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Christmas in Prague, Czech Republic

Prague - Christmas holidays in EuropeSource: Prague Tourism Board

At Christmas time in Prague, a gloriously grand fir tree is shipped all the way from the north of the country to Prague’s Old Town Square, to stand tall and proud over the Christmas shoppers investigating all that the Christmas market has to offer.

The streets are awash with the scent of mulled wine, and visitors from all over the world will be found enjoying the merriment side-by-side with locals.

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Christmas in Budapest, Hungary

Budapest Park Ice Skating Rink - Christmas holidays in Europe The Mighty Quill

Christmas markets, a Christmas fair and a beautiful Christmas tree, there is little that Budapest does not offer those looking for a spectacular Christmas experience. But that is not all, there’s also a giant outdoor ice-skating rink in Budapest Park and if you’re feeling a little too cold, take a trip to the Szechenyi Baths and take a dip in their thermal baths!

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There are so many incredible trees to see in Europe, including in London’s Trafalgar Square, Lisbon (where Europe’s tallest Christmas tree stands) and Rome to name a few. If you’re prepared to spend a little more on your holiday, put those destinations on top of your Christmas list.