Trinidad and Tobago

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Browse local art in small galleries, take a bird-watching expedition to a remote island or party well into the night on this twin-island Caribbean paradise.

Explore the twin-island nation of Trinidad and Tobago to experience an active nightlife, laid-back beaches and high-spirited cultural festivities. Whether you yearn for mellow mornings spent sunbathing, arduous afternoon hikes through lush jungle terrain or party-filled nights at beach bars, Trinidad and Tobago has something for you.

Despite being part of the same country, Trinidad and Tobago offer wildly different experiences. Head to Trinidad to explore urban culture, attend incredible festivals and discover bustling business districts. When you’re hankering for some quiet, skip over to Tobago for peaceful walks among nature and across remote beaches.

Trinidad’s capital, the Port of Spain, is a major entry point to the island. Stroll the streets to soak up its high-energy metropolitan vibe and head to the National Museum and Art Gallery to see exhibits covering the country’s past. Take the family to Emperor Valley Zoo to see red howler monkeys, sea otters and snakes, among other creatures from across the region.

Nature lovers can also find plenty of things to do in Trinidad. Hike to the Paria Falls cascades or climb up Trinidad’s tallest mountain, Cerro del Aripo. Stay in the quiet village of Brasso Seco to relax and unwind.

Journey to unassuming Tobago to explore nature at your own pace. For the busiest region with the widest variety of shops and restaurants, visit Crown Point on the southwest tip. Experience quieter days in the sleepy fishing villages of Speyside and Charlotteville, or go bird-watching at the small island of Little Tobago.

Trinidad and Tobago are warm year round, but they do experience a dry season and a rainy season. Avoid the wettest weather, between June to December, by booking a trip outside these months.

Most visitors arrive to Trinidad via the Piarco International Airport. From Trinidad, take a fast passenger ferry over to Tobago.

With such different atmospheres, Trinidad and Tobago offer a wide variety of experiences including nights out in boisterous bars, rainforest hikes, diving excursions and plenty of peaceful beaches.

Popular cities in Trinidad and Tobago

Known for Dining, Ports and Shopping
Experience the local cuisine, entertainment and beaches in Port-of-Spain!

Reasons to visit

  • Royal Botanical Gardens
Crown Point
Crown Point
Known for Beaches, Dining and Swimming
Trip time! Discover the beaches, local cuisine and coral reefs in Crown Point.

Reasons to visit

  • Pigeon Point Beach