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Hsinchu Botanical Garden featuring a garden
A thriving hub for technological companies and universities, this city’s industries propel it into the future, while its heritage buildings anchor it to the past. 

Experience the excitement of Hsinchu, a bustling modern city along the Taiwan Strait. Although it is home to some of the island's leaders in technology and industry, this city manages to maintain a laid-back atmosphere. Explore some of its Qing dynasty-era buildings and venture outdoors to take advantage of Hsinchu’s beautiful parks and mountains.

Hsinchu is famous for its glass products. Learn more about the city’s history of glass making at the Hsinchu Glass Craft Museum. The museum chronicles the history of glass making around the world, with exhibits dedicated to intricate glass pieces and the opportunity to watch glass-makers at work. 

Pay a visit to Hsinchu Science Park, which is modelled after California’s Silicon Valley. Now home to more than 400 tech companies, the Science Park has played a significant role in bringing Hsinchu into the modern era. Wander through some of this 2.5-square mile (6.5-square kilometre) area to see the surrounding man-made lake and public park. 

Check out the Chenghuang Temple, also known as City God Temple, a much-loved city landmark that dates back to the 18th century. Be sure to stop for some street food at the numerous market stalls in front of the temple and try some of Hsinchu’s local specialties, such as savoury meatballs. 

Go for a swim in the natural cold springs in Beipu or cycle along the stunning Hsinchu 17 km Coastal Bike Path, which stretches across numerous parks, beaches and harbors. For an even more adventurous activity, hike the winding trail up Eighteen Peaks Mountain or explore the gorgeous alpine scenery in Shei Pa National Park.  

Hsinchu can be reached by bus or train from Taipei or Taichung. The steady winds in Hsinchu help to cool temperatures in the humid summer but can make winters chilly. It’s best to avoid visiting the “windy city” during typhoon season, from July to October.

Where to stay in Hsinchu

East Gate which includes heritage elements and a city

Hsinchu City Centre

3.5/5(3 area reviews)

Hsinchu City Centre is noteworthy for its shopping, and you can make a stop at top attractions like Big City Mall and East Gate.

Hsinchu City Centre
East Gate showing a city

East District

4/5(1 area review)

While visiting East District, you might make a stop by sights like Hsinchu Zoo and East Gate.

East District
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While visiting Xiangshan, you might make a stop by sights like Siangshan Wetland and Xiangshan Tian Hou Temple.

City God Temple which includes religious elements

North District

While visiting North District, you might make a stop by sights like Hsinchu Performing Arts Center and Hsinchu City God Temple Night Market.

North District