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Copenhagen Airport welcomes record amount of visitors in 2011

Posted on Friday 13 January 2012 in Denmark, Flights, Holidays, Copenhagen


The instability of the Euro has inspired travellers from across the globe to head to major European destinations recently and some cities are seeing a significant influx in international guests.  - Flights Travel News

The instability of the Euro has inspired travellers from across the globe to head to major European destinations recently and some cities are seeing a significant influx in international guests. For instance, Copenhagen, Denmark, says it has experienced an increase in travellers over the last few years, reports the Copenhagen Airport's website. Indian travellers who wish to venture to a new destination on a holiday abroad may want to consider a trip to this interesting and modern city full of great attractions and entertainment options..

Many other tourists have done just that, as shown in the recent statistics released by the Copenhagen Airport. Experts say that in 2011, the transportation hub had a more than five per cent increase in travellers over the previous year, totalling nearly 23 million passengers. This was the first year that the number of global travellers grew over 20 million. The complex will continue to expand its offerings and hopes to entice more Asian visitors in the future as well, especially those coming from places like Shanghai and Beijing.

"Almost 90 per cent of our traffic is international, while many of our Nordic competitors have around 40-50% domestic traffic, and the more than 20 million international passengers underline our position as one of the key traffic hubs of northern Europe," Carsten Norland, vice president of sales and marketing for Copenhagen Airport, said in a statement. "Competition among European airports is intense, but we are working to generate continuing growth."

Most of the recorded passengers were taking trips during the month of December, which saw a record 1.6 million guests visit the airport. The most popular arrivals and departures were from several global cities, such as Paris, London, Bangkok and Amsterdam. The hub receives direct flights from all over Europe and Asia and hosts several leading airlines at its three different terminals, including Air Berlin, British Airways and Emirates.

According to the San Fransisco Chronicle, those who venture to Denmark though the Copenhagen Airport may wish to consider exploring some of the more rural areas of the country, as these locales can provide a true sense of culture and tradition for a traveller to experience.

One historic and fascinating town to explore outside the city is the small town of Roskilde. Travellers visit to see the twin-spired cathedral that was constructed in the 12th century and learn about the Danish royalty that once resided in this region and is now buried in the church's tombs. Several music festivals are hosted by the toe in the summer that do draw larger crowds than usual to the rugged landscape.

Another highlight of Roskilde is the Viking Ship Museum. This complex featured five life-size nautical vessels that are over a thousand years old and spent the majority of their lifespan as sunken ships. Inside the museum itself are interactive exhibits and informative displays that visitors of all ages can enjoy.

Art lovers may take flights to Copenhagen and then reserve a car hire to reach Humlebaek. This village is home to a massive art complex that has some amazing examples of modern works from various esteemed artists, including Warhol, Picasso and Hockney. Called the Louisiana, the museum has exhibits indoor and out, created from all types of medium in various artistic genres.

Indian travellers who wish to visit an interesting and unique country on their next holiday abroad could consider the popular and beautifully country of Denmark for a truly unforgettable trip.

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