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New themed jets make their debut - Family Travel News

Who said airplanes have to be boring? In early December 2013, two airlines debuted brand new themed jets. The first, a Boeing next-generation 737-800 series from WestJet, is Mickey Mouse-themed. It will escort travellers from Calgary and other Canadian cities to th.. Read more

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Top places to grab a meal in NYC's LaGuardia airport - Food & Wine Travel News

During international travel, many people spend a lot of time waiting at the airport, where food is notoriously dodgy and expensive. But if you find yourself at LaGuardia airport while flying home from your New York holidays.. Read more

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Walk in Gandhi's footsteps in Ahmedabad - Air India Travel News

According to the Agence France-Presse, Gandhi's famous ashram - a serene home for prayer and meditation - in the western state of Gujarat is now open for overnight visitors. The Sabarmati Ashram - previously known as Kochrab and often referred to as Gandhi Ashram - .. Read more

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Seasoned travellers' advice for avoiding jet lag - Business Travel News

When flying through several time zones, whether it's for business travel or a family vacation, even the most seasoned travellers are prone to jet lag, which can disrupt one's trip. Jet lag is what happens when the circadian rhythm - the body's internal c.. Read more

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Explore these awesome oddities during your trip to Vietnam - Emirates Travel News

The s-shaped country of Vietnam has plenty to do and see. Here are some of the quirkiest sites and attractions to experience during your Vietnam holidays:

Suoi Tien Cultural Theme Park, Ho Chi Minh City Book your Singapore Airlines or Emirates flights.. Read more

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