Muyuni Beach

Drift off under an umbrella at the private beach resort and notice local women working in the seaweed farms of the public section.

Muyuni Beach is a spectacular stretch of flat sand, where you can see locals in sarongs laying fishing nets and working in the seaweed fields at low tide. The site is known for its accompanying lodge that comprises thatched cottages and a swimming pool. Enjoy the luxury of the upscale resort and walk along the beach for its aquatic treasures and local culture.

Stay at the idyllic cliff-top lodge, which is secluded behind rows of palm trees. Enjoy stunning views of the Indian Ocean and spot Mnemba Island in the distance. The resort offers guests access to a private section of the beach, with its own restaurant, beach bar and deck chairs.

Relax on the crunchy, white sand and enhance your tan. Cool down with a swim in the water and spot colorful fish darting around your feet. Rest beneath an umbrella with a book and read or watch people go by. This private section of beach is the epitome of tranquility, cut off from the busy world by the enclosing water at high tide. Reach it at low tide via a 10-minute walk.

The public part of the beach is fascinating as a window into local customs and work. See the Zanzibar women dressed in sarongs and working the fields of algae at low tide. Seaweed farming is an important part of the local industry, with the algae exported internationally as a food delicacy.

Note that most of the beach is open to the public for free at all times. For access to the private section book your stay at the lodge online or by phone.

Muyuni Beach is on the northeastern coast of the main island in the Zanzibar archipelago. It is the transfer point for boats taking passengers to Mnemba Island, just off shore. See nearby sights, such as Tumbatu Island, Nungwi Beach and Kendwa Beach.