Go snorkeling around the coral reef, see the algae farms and visit the lagoon in this picturesque resort village and its pretty beach.

Matemwe is a small village with the island’s longest beach and a range of upmarket resorts. It is also an ideal spot to watch locals fishing and preparing their seaweed farms. Learn about the local culture and enjoy a relaxing vacation in the unspoiled and secluded surroundings.

Appreciate the dry, hot weather from June through September with a trip to Matemwe Beach. This is the best time to spot humpback whales off the coast. Go snorkeling and see the range of colorful fish around this intricate coral network.

Notice the large difference between high tide and low tide, when the complex maze of seaweed farms appears. Watch local women in traditional sarongs working the aquatic fields. The local economy is also boosted by the making of artisanal cosmetics and jams and mustards, which are exported through Zanzibar City.

Mnemba Island is an exclusive resort island frequented by the rich and famous. Take a ferry to the island and stay in a charming cottage. Note that April and May are particularly wet in this tropical part of the world. During this period, certain activities and resorts are closed.

Back on the main island, dine at one of the restaurants next to the beach and snap photos of the excellent views of the Indian Ocean. Rent equipment and take lessons for watersports at the dive center. Stay at one of the many guesthouses and lodges near the beach.

The town is on the northeastern flank of Unguja, the main island in the Zanzibar archipelago. Fly to Zanzibar’s international airport and drive northeast for about 30 miles (50 kilometers), which should take around 1 hour. You can also fly to the Dar es Salaam Airport on the Tanzania mainland and take the ferry across to the island, a journey which should take around 2 hours.

Matemwe is a stunning stretch of coral reef and white sand adorned with cottages and luxury resorts.