Banaras Ghats

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Banaras Ghats


  • The Banaras Ghats in Varanasi are riverfront steps leading to the banks of the River Ganges
  • There are over 80 individual Ghats in Varanasi
  • Many of the Ghats were built after 1700 AD, when the city was part of Maratha Empire
  • According to the Hindu mythology, Varanasi liberates soul from human body to the ultimate
  • Today, the Ghats are a busy and intense place to visit as many locals and tourists flock to the riverfront
  • The morning boat rides along the Ganges are a popular tourist attraction
  • With such religious significance, many people still visit the Ghats to perform funeral rites and pilgrimage

How to get there

  • From Lal Bahadur Shastri International Airport (VNS) a trip to the Banaras Ghats will take over an hour by car/taxi
  • Varanasi is accessible by both bus and train, Varanasi Junction is the closest station
  • There are multiple daily train services to cities including Delhi and Mumbai.

Explore Varanasi

  • The holiest of the seven sacred cities, Varanasi is also known as Kashi and Banaras
  • Home of the Lord Shiva, Varanasi is situated on the banks of River Ganges, which is believed to have the power of washing away all of one's sins
  • It is one of the oldest cities in the world and has a number of various temples
  • The Ghats along the river front are the most popular pilgrimage spot in India
  • It is a vibrant and intense experience for visitors



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