Bengaluru Tourism Guide

Bengaluru Tourism Guide

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A bustling metropolitan city found in the heart of southern India, Bengaluru has plenty to offer visitors of all tastes. Having experienced a boom from the country’s high-tech industry, it is a magical place that is brimming with vibrant nightlife and inviting tourist attractions. However, this unique jewel also shows off some of the very finest in India’s culture, history and natural beauty.

To help you really get to grips with everything the Karnataka state capital has to offer, we’ll be exploring its top attractions, finest restaurants, best hotels and more in this travel guide. We’ll also be offering up some practical advice to ensure you embark on an unforgettable adventure here.

Top Attractions in Bengaluru

Bangalore Palace dates back to 1887, and was built by King Chamaraja Wadiyar. This grand building needs to be seen to be believed, the palace is a complex and extravagant mixture of architectural styles. Today, it is open to the public who come to enjoy the lavish splendour of one of South India’s most enduring dynasties.


Bannerghatta National Park is located just over 20km south of the city. First declared as a national park in 1974, the area is a popular destination for tourists with a zoo and safari park onsite. The park is also home to a number of ancient temples, as well as excellent hiking and trekking routes.


Although Bengaluru is known as a modern tech hub, the city has over 1,000 temples both old and new. Chokkanathaswamy Temple is the oldest temple in the area, dating back to the 10th century. Bull Temple at Basavanagudi dates back to the 16th century and features a huge Nandi Bull idol which is believed to have been carved out of a single piece of rock.

Things to do in Bengaluru

When it comes to city breaks, you would be hard pressed to find a city more vibrant than Bangalore. It offers the perfect admixture of culture, history, and nightlife. Make sure you explore the vibrant interiors and gorgeous gardens of Bangalore Palace. Sample finger-licking local food at the super-famous institution MTR (Mawali Tiffin Room), drop by Cubbon Park for a stroll, and party the night away at Hype bar at Shangri-La. The rooftop bar offers stunning views of the twinkling city lights.

By Vid, from Bruisedpassports

Whether you’re looking for a relaxing break to get back in touch with nature or just want to get to know the local culture, you’ll find more than enough to fill your plate in Bengaluru. If, however, you’re seeking something a little more exciting, or a mix of both, there’s plenty here to satisfy even the most discerning visitor.

Bangalore Palace

Bangalore PalaceThe majestic Bangalore Palace is found in the pulsing heartbeat of Bangalore. You’ll feel transported to another world, surrounded by its epic, fairy tale like gardens. It features a stunning mixture of styles, from its gothic glass windows to the mid-19th century art which adorns its walls and the Tudor architectural style, which inspired original owner Rev. Garrett. Bangalore Palace is a melting pot of beauty and one that makes it a totally unique place to visit. In fact, the palace was such a mammoth task that construction began in 1862 and wasn’t completed until near a century later in 1944. Looking around, the effort sure was worth it. The history of the palace is a fascinating one and it is well worth checking out the audio tour (which comes with the price of admission.) It’s also famous as a truly awe-inspiring gig venue, with legends like the Rolling Stones, Elton John and Iron Maiden all having played within the palace grounds.

Address: Near Mount Carmel Institute of Management, Palace Road, Vasanth Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560052, India

Price: INR 230 per person, INR 685 for still camera, INR 285 for mobile cameras, INR 1,485 for video cameras

Bannerghatta National Park

Bannerghatta National Park

Image source Karunakar Rayker

The famous Bannerghatta National Park is a haven of all things wild. Here you’ll find a zoo, an animal rescue centre, an aquarium, butterfly house and elephant sanctuary, among others. However, it’s probably best known for its safari park, which is managed by the Karnataka State Tourist Development Corporation to ensure the best and most natural possible living conditions for its animals. This is perhaps best exemplified by its 122-acre animal sanctuary, which is the only fenced forested sanctuary for elephants that allows them to move freely around the area. There’s so much to see here we can’t possibly cover it all, but needless to say it is one of the most impressive parks of its kind anywhere in India, with king cobras, rare birds and an incredible selection of flora and fauna to be enjoyed. If you love nature, you’ll love it here.

Address: Bannerghatta Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560083, India

Price: Zoo: Adult – INR 80, Children (6-12 years) – INR 40, Senior citizen (60+ years) – INR 50, Butterfly Park: Adult – INR 30, Children (6-12 years) – INR 20, Senior citizens (60+ years) – INR 20, Grand Safari: Adult – INR 260, Children (6-12 years) – INR 130, Senior citizen (60+ years) – INR 150

With green spaces, lakes and quaint coffee shops, Bangalore, the garden city of India is where one can soak in the old world charm and enjoy the modern vibrancy as well. Visits to Cubbon Park, Lalbagh and Ulsoor Lake are well recommended. While in Bangalore, do not miss out on the iconic hotels such as Koshy’s, MTR and Vidhyarthi Bhavan.

By Niranjan, from Talesofnomad

Lal Bagh

Lal Bagh
Image Source: Aleksandr Zykov

If you’re a lover of history and nature, we have the perfect holiday treat for you. Lal Bagh is a 40-acre treat for the senses and a horticultural wonderland, making this a haven for lovers of flora, plants and shrubbery. It’s more than just a gorgeous garden and one of the nicest places in the world to go for a quick stroll: although it certainly is that. Lal Bagh actually plays a pivotal role in eco development, keeping within its grounds many species of exotic flora (over 1,000 species have a home here). It also educates visitors on the importance of conservation through its flower shows, which are held daily through the week of Republic and Independence day. Also within Lal Bagh is a selection of birds, including parakeets, purple moorhen, myna and more. Because what garden is complete without the beautiful sound of bird song?

Address:Mavalli, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560004, India

Price: Visitors (12+ years) – INR 20, Before 09.00 & After 17.30 – Free

Bangalore was known as the ‘Garden City’ and there are still great places to enjoy nature. Walkers and joggers will enjoy the 300 acre Cubbon Park in the heart of city, but don’t miss the beautiful Lal Bagh Botanical Gardens, home to the largest collection of tropical plants in India, as well as a majestic glasshouse (modelled on London’s Crystal Palace) an aquarium and a lake

By Anna, from Global-gallivanting

Cubbon Park

Cubbon ParkThere’s no mistaking Cubbon Park, thanks to the bright red Attara Kacheri, which stands out even in a city with as amazing an architectural landscape as Bengaluru. This gothic style stone structure is a remnant of the British rule through the nineteenth century. Today it operates as the Kentaka High Court, as well as being an incredible landmark of the 100-acre park. Cubbon Park is known for a number of things but perhaps the most immediate is its incredible selections of plant and animal life: you won’t find anywhere much greener than right here. Created in 1870, this is an attraction with a keen love of history, which it celebrates with The State Archeological Museum. It was built shortly after the creation of the park in 1876 and is home to antiques, ancient coins, examples of long forgotten architecture and even stone inscriptions which are believed to date back thousands of years. We’ve only just scratched the surface of all that’s on offer within this vast iconic attraction. The best way of discovering more is to go check it out yourself.

Address: Behind High Court of Karnataka, Ambedkar Veedhi, Sampangi Rama Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001, India

Price: Free entry into the park

No trip to Bangalore — AKA Bengaluru — is complete without a stroll through the explosively colorful KR Flower Market. Found in the basement of a grimy old warehouse, the alluring aromas of the endless fresh flowers more than make up for the location. Once navigating the market becomes too tiring, seek respite in the Jamia Masjid, Bangalore’s most stunning mosque.

By Alex, from Lostwithpurpose

Wonder La Water Park

Wonder La Water ParkImage source Brian O’Donovan

Many of the attractions in Bengaluru are filled with a depth of history and significant cultural importance, which really makes a trip educational as well as fun. However, some of the time, all you want is to let your hair down. Wonder La Water Park offers an excitement packed day, filled with adventure and a terrific selection of over 61 rides. These include rollercoasters, wave pools, slides and much, much more. Don’t worry if you’re not too much of a fan of thrill rides, as there’s attractions here to suit all ages. So whether you just want a relaxed day with the family or you’re looking for something to get your pulses racing, you’ll find it here, so long as you don’t mind getting your hair wet! Even then, there’s enough dry rides to keep you occupied. As with most amusement parks, food can be a little pricey, so keep that in mind if you plan on getting something to eat here. Perhaps the most fun place in all on Bengaluru, it’s no surprise that it’s considered by many to be the top tourist attraction in the city.

Address: 28th km, Mysore Road, Bangalore 562109

Price: Weekday Regular Tickets: Adult – INR 920, Child – INR 740, Weekend/Peakday Regular Tickets: Adult – INR 1,150, Child – INR 920, Weekday Fast Track Tickets: Adult – INR 1,840, Child – INR 1,480, Weekend/Peakday Fast Track Tickets: Adult – INR 2,300, Child – INR 1,840

Bull Temple

Bull TempleImage source John Hoey

Built in the Dravidian style of architecture, this is a temple known for its serene, spiritual and peaceful ambience which, alongside its symbolic and cultural significance, make this a truly special place of religious worship. The legend behind the Bull Temple is that it was built in order to pacify a local bull that was wreaking havoc on the land by destroying all they had cultivated. According to locals, the damage from the bull stopped destroying the crop immediately upon the temple’s completion. If anything was going to flatter a bull into appeasement, we’d imagine that the enormous Nandi Bull idol, which measures 4.5 metres in height and 6.5 metres in length, would do the trick. It’s said to have been carved out of a single rock and accompanies the idols of God Surya and Goddess Chandra. It is an awe-inspiring sight that is well worth a look for any visitors, regardless of religious or spiritual belief.

Address:Bull Temple Rd, Basavanagudi, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560004, India

Price: Free

HAL Aerospace Museum

HAL Aerospace Museum

Image source Rameshng

This is a spectacular monument to India’s storied history with aviation and aerospace technology. Opened in 2001, the HAL Aerospace Museum, which stands for Hindustan Aureonautics Limits, is a wonderful place for kids and adults alike. For the younger visitor, they’ll get an easy introduction to airplanes and then move up a little to bigger concepts. This is as much about education as it is about entertainment. Their teaching manages to mix the two perfectly, so your little ones may be having such a great time, they won’t realise how much they’re learning! The first hall contains a plane simulator for children and a “True Motion Simulator” for adults, which can give visitors of all ages the experience of being a pilot. These interactive elements stand alongside the photo gallery and real planes, dating all the way from the mid twentieth century to the millennium, to deliver a complete aviation experience.

Address: HAL GB Quaters, Marathahalli, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560037, India

Price: Adult – INR 50, Student & Children (up to 18 years) – INR 30 (with ID card), Children (up to 3 years) – Free, Physically Handicapped – Free, Still Camera – INR 50, Video Camera – INR 75, Basic Simulator Game – INR 50, Motion Simulator – INR 100

Innovative Film City

Innovative Film CityImage source Rishabh Mathur

The Innovative Film City is more than your average media orientated museum. As its name suggests, this is a miniature city all of its own, covering a whopping 58 acres of land broken up into three sections. These all offer guests a unique, fun and interesting experience. First up, you’ll find yourself at Innovative Attractions, where you can enjoy a selection of rides, including a haunted house, go-karting, a pool, archery and more. Frankly, for most attractions, that would be enough to get the guests rolling in, but Innovative Film City is no ordinary attraction. Also within this section is a selection of museums, including a fossil, wav and tribal museum. Next up, you’ve got the Innovative Style area, where you can enjoy a great selection of retail outlets and bag yourself a souvenir of your time here. You can also grab a bite to eat from their fantastic choice of eateries and restaurants. Finally, there’s the Innovative Studio, which is where the movie magic happens. This is an attraction that truly goes above and beyond the expectations of its visitors.

Address: 24 & 26, Kiadb Estates, Bidadi, Bengaluru, Karnataka 562109, India

Price: Before 15.00 – INR 600, After 15.00 – INR 400

ISKCON Temple Bangalore

ISKCON Temple BangaloreThe ISKCON Temple Bangalore, also known as the International Society for Krishna Consciousness, are some of the most famous holy buildings in the world and are the spiritual heart of the Hari Krishna movement. Today it contains an incredible 50 schools, 90 restaurants and a series of working farms. But the most impressive of its achievements has to be its 550 centres. Of these, the Sir Radha Krishna Temple, to use its full title, remains among the largest ISKCON temples found across the globe. This enormous complex was built in the mid twentieth century, finally being inaugurated in 1997 by Shankar Dayal Sharma. Aside from its awe-inspiring architecture, including several large shrines and even a gold-plated flag post and kalash shikara measuring 17 and 8.5 metres respectively, festivals are also held here throughout the yea. It even has a unique marketplace upon your exit, featuring everything from books to eateries.

Address: Hare Krishna Hill, Chord Road, Rajaji Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560010, India

Price: Free

If you wish to explore the city of Bengaluru amidst the local people and in a peaceful environment, consider staying in the ISKCON temple guest house. Not only is it a sacred place celebrating the divine love of Radha and Krishna but also a cultural melting point of the city. While moving around, use the preferred by locals mode of transport auto rickshaw – it’s convinient and reasonable. Visit the Lalbaug botanical gardens for its impressive show of flowers assorted asthetically from all over the world

By Arti, Myyatradiary

The Land of Iskcon Temple, Wonderla Amusement Park, Shivasamudram falls, Lalbagh Botanical Garden, Lumbini Garden, Doda Ganesh Temple and Sri Vani Botanical Park; Bangalore has become one of the major place of tourists’ attraction in India. The unique South Indian cuisine and royal lifestyle of people makes the place more interesting for adventure lovers.

By Deepak, Travelnthrill

Shopping in Bengaluru

Known as the ‘Silicon Valley of India’, it should be no surprise that, with all the wealth that Bengaluru has accumulated, there are some pretty amazing places to spend it. Luckily, this city more than lives up to expectations with a terrific selection of districts and malls, all offering plenty for customers of all tastes.

MG Road

MG RoadImage Source: Ashwin Kumar

Running east from the Trinity Circle all the way down to Anil Crumble circle, this is one of the busiest roads in the city. This is in no small part thanks to its prime locations and world class selection of eateries, retail outlets and theatres. MG Road is somewhere you can spend a whole evening enjoying the best the Bengaluru has to offer. Indulge in a spot of shopping, grab a bite to eat or go see a show, all within one convenient location. Also known as Mahatma Gandhi Road, its historic place within the city shows no sign of ageing.

Address:MG Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Forum Mall

If you’ve got some cash just burning a hole in your wallet and you’re looking for somewhere to make your pockets a little lighter, there’s few better places in Bengaluru for a luxury shopping extravaganza. At Forum Mall, you’ll find the absolute best high-end retail outlets, with everything from local brands to international best sellers all under one roof. It’s also famous for being the first mall with a multi-story book stall, as well as having its own cinema complex. Not everything in this mall is expensive, but it must be said that it does cater for the more affluent shopper.

Address:21, The Forum, Hosur Road, Bengaluru 560029, India

The first time I walked into Nalli in T-Nagar in Chennai, I was fantastically surprised. For a non-shopper like me, I invested 3 hours sifting through the silks and purchased one myself (amongst many others my mother bought). Buying traditional silk saris from this city is always the best souvenir.

By Amrita Das, Travelling Ides Of March


UB CITY MALLImage source Ashwin Kumar

If you thought the Forum Mall was upmarket, wait until you see the UB City Mall. It’s a truly spectacular mall, with a wonderful, pulsing and sophisticated ambience that just oozes ultra modern cool and luxury. Compared to UB City Mall, the Forum Mall is a down to earth everyman. Here you’ll find a wonderful selection of retail outlets with the top end luxury brands all being found here. This level of quality flows through every aspect of UB City Mall, with five-star restaurants and even live music. However, this mall is extremely expensive so keep that in mind before paying a visit.

Address:24, Vittal Mallya Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001, India

Fun Facts

  • It’s known as the Garden City of India: Bengaluru’s nickname derived from the combination of great weather, green trees, broad clean streets, and lush public parks.
  • Bengaluru is known for its Pub scene: Not only does Bengaluru have lots of microbreweries, it is also famous for its underground rock/alternative music scene called “Bangalore Rock”
  • Bengaluru was founded in 1537: The city was established by a local chieftain, who upon being given the land by a Vijaynagar emperor built a mud fort and temple there.

Where to Eat in Bengaluru

In a city as modern and forward-thinking as Bengaluru, it’s only natural that their restaurant options are a smorgasbord, both literally (in some cases) and metaphorically, as they offer world class options of pretty much any type of cuisine you can imagine.

food in bengaluruImage source stu spivack


There are plenty of terrific restaurants in Bengaluru that offer an amazing selection of many different cuisines. While this is absolutely to be commended and many do a fantastic job of pulling off so many different skill sets, there’s something to be said about the mastery that can come from an establishment focusing on one type of food alone. This is especially commendable with something that requires the finesse of Japanese cuisine. Edo is perhaps the best example of a purely Japanese restaurant in the city, offering brilliantly prepared traditional dishes that are more than worth the price. However, if you don’t want to spend too much there’s also a Sunday buffet at a reduced price.

Address: ITC Gardenia, No.1, Residency Road, Bangalore, Karnataka 560025, India, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560025, India


Eating in Bengaluru is a truly international affair, with some of the finest selections of cuisines from across the globe taking your taste buds on the jet-setting trip of a lifetime. Communiti is a wonderful example of their great selection of continental dishes, with western recipes from throughout Europe and beyond all carefully selected for the perfect menu.

Address:67 & 68, Brigade Solitaire, Opposite to Advaith Hyundai, Residency Road, Bangalore



Image source: Ernesto Andrade

This is an example of another restaurant that specialises in a single foreign cuisine, except this time, we’re moving all the way west into Italy for the most authentic Italian cuisine you’ll find in Bengaluru. The food here is so faithful to those much loved recipes that you’ll feel like you could see the canals of Venice if you popped your head out of the window. Found at the ITC Gardenia, this establishment more than lives up to the hotels’ superb reputation, giving diners a true European treat. Pure Italian magic!

Address:ITC Gardenia, 1, Residency Road, Bangalore

Café Medley

Café Medley might be a long way away from the incredible luxury found in many of the restaurants on this list but that doesn’t mean its ambience is any less enjoyable. While you wont find many golden walls or chandeliers here, instead Café Medley has its own earthy, simplistic, down to earth beauty that makes you feel right at home. Another restaurant that offers a great selection of international cuisine, the food is as warm as the welcome, with a terrific selection of homely, perfectly classic western dishes. Their burgers in particularly are some of the best in the city.

Address: 473, KHB Colony, 17th C Main, Koramangala 5th Block, Bangalore

Indian Cuisine in Bengaluru

indian spices

Image source University of Michigan School of Natural Resources & Environment

As wonderful as their selection of international restaurants is, it’s almost rude not to try the wonderful local cooking in this heartland of southern India: especially when the options are as good as what’s on offer here. You’ll find some of the best traditional flavours alongside some unique twists on classic creations. Indulge in the best Indian cuisine Bengaluru has to offer.

Jalsa Gold

Talk about a spectacular place to eat! The gold in Jalsa Gold is not simply a pretty title: it reflects the shimmering luxury within its walls. You’ll feel like you’re eating as royalty surrounded by its golden décor, with only the faintest dashes of hot reds and splashes of paint on its artwork, which make it pop with personality. Luckily, it’s not all show without substance, as Jalsa Gold has a menu more than worthy of living up to the standards it sets with its good looks. This is a restaurant that will make you feel like you’ve got the Midas touch.

Address: 20\5, Panathur Junction, Outer Ring Road, Kadubeessanahalli, Marathahalli, Bangalore

K & K

When you’re wondering what is the best restaurant in a city like Bengaluru, the amount of choice can sometimes be a little overwhelming. With so many great options to choose from, it seems impossible to even narrow it down. The fact that K & K is considered the best by so many tourists and locals alike is a testament to its world class North Indian cuisine. The food quality, ambience and service are absolutely world class here. It’s a culinary experience you won’t forget.

Address: ITC Gardenia, Ashok Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001, India

The Raj Pavilion

raj pavilionImage source stu spivack

The grand and opulent interiors of the Raj Pavilion provide the perfect backdrop for the flavour sensations served up from its kitchen. The glass covered building benefits from beautiful views, adding a touch of elegance that perfectly complements its award-winning menu. With its sumptuous spread of Indian classics and international twists, this buffet restaurant will entice all your senses.

Address: Sai Vishram, 144 – C/1, Kirloskar Road, Bommasandra Industrial Estate, Hebbagodi, Electronic City, Bangalore

Chennai’s has diverse neighborhoods and is the center of South Indian artistic and religious traditions — which makes it a unique urban village to explore. Recent years have added a new layer of cosmopolitan life: luxury hotels, boutiques, contemporary restaurants and swanky bars and clubs open well into the night. Upon your visit, definitely explore the temples and beaches and don’t miss out on the nightlife as well!

By Anjali Shah, The Picky Eater

Nightlife in Bengaluru

Nightlife in Bengaluru

Image source: pranab.mund

As Bengaluru has gone from strength to strength as an economic and technology hotbed within southern India, its nightlife scene has really exploded into something very special. Whether you’re looking to sip a cocktail near the clouds or dance the night away, Bengaluru can deliver that special holiday nightlife experience you’re after.

Big Brewsky

By day, Big Brewsky is known for its world class restaurant. It features a wonderful selection of local delights that can be enjoyed as you sit by a tranquil pond, with its relaxing atmosphere bolstered by its hidden location. It truly feels like you’ve found a diamond in the rough. By night though, things turn up a few notches with excellent live music to accompany a great selection of ice cold beers, wines and cocktails.

Address: Behind MK Retail, Before WIPRO Corporate Office, Sarjapur Road, Bangalor

Entry Fee:Free

Sky Lounge (Skyye)

Sky Lounge (Skyye)Image source: Ming-yen Hsu

A place like the Sky Lounge really doesn’t need to sell itself very much. There’s nothing more convincing than the opportunity to enjoy a drink or a bite to eat while soaking in that incredible view of Bengaluru’s sparkling skyline, which truly comes to life on a night. But despite that, the Sky Lounge staff go above and beyond to give their customers the best night possible, with a different selection of drinks available. There’s also live music playing from the best local DJs, making this an epic way to start any holiday adventure.

Address: Uber Level, 16th Floor, UB City, Vittal Mallya Road, Lavelle Road, Bangalore

Entry Fee: Varies depending on the night


OpusImage source Michael Shehan Obeysekera

A nightlife spot of many talents, Opus seems to have the power to turn everything it touches into pure holiday gold. Its food options are excellent: more than worth the visit for the menu alone. It also has some of the best live music and DJs from across the city and is well known for its energetic and excitement atmosphere, particularly on weekends. The drinks selection is wonderful and they even venture into stand up comedy or karaoke, which means depending on the night, you’re bound to find something to suit you.

Address: #4, 1st Main, Chakravarthy Layout, Palace Cross Road, Bangalore – 560020

Entry Fee: Varies depending on the night


The uniquely titled Pebble is another great all rounder for those looking for a relaxed evening catching up with friends or for those who want to party the night away, depending on when you arrive. The food options are very impressive, which is to be expected as its busiest during the local food truck festival, so it’s got some serious competition. The drinks selection is just as good and its spacious interior makes for a great night life ambience.

Address: 3, Ramana Maharishi Road, Palace Grounds, Sadashiv Nagar, Bangalore

Entry Fee:Varies depending on the night / event

Top Tips for Travelling to Chennai

  • The city’s airport is 40 km from the city so visitors should plan hotels in Bengaluru accordingly
  • The quickest and easiest way to get around Bangalore is by auto rickshaw. However, if you’re not from the city, drivers may overcharge you or take a long route to your destination.
  • Bengaluru has a thriving pub scene. However, pubs shut at 11pm due to the curfew in place.

Hotels in Bengaluru

Despite being a very advanced city, Bengaluru always has something for everyone. So don’t worry if you can’t afford the super high-end luxury of its five-star hotels: there’s plenty of great mid-range and budget hotels worthy of your consideration. If you do have the means to enjoy the city’s best however, then you can be rest assured that Bengaluru can deliver some of the absolute peak luxury accommodation found anywhere in the world.

Luxury Hotels in Bengaluru

Luxury Hotels in BengaluruIf you’re looking for the the absolute finest in luxury accommodation in Bengaluru, or anywhere for that matter, you’ll struggle to find anywhere as awe-inspiring as the eye-popping The Leela Palace. With one of the best first impressions of any hotel anywhere, the epic exterior of the hotel is fairy tale like in its majestic beauty. Its incredible luxury is brought back down to earth with a splendid selection of greenery, which surrounds the hotel. The exquisite mixture of nature and its grand decor make for a truly marvellous melting pot of styles, giving The Leela Palace a sense of personality and warmth sometimes lost in the luxury market. The rooms are just as impressive: you’ll feel like ancient royalty in rooms styled after a bygone era. Luckily, there’s nothing old fashioned about the facilities available here. You can enjoy their world class all-day dining restaurant, which features dishes from around the world, or spoil yourself with a drink at their classically decorated library bar. There’s also an onsite spa offering a range of treatments and an epic outdoor swimming pool. This merely scratches the surface of all the hotel has to offer, with everything from a beautiful outdoor garden to a fitness centre to explore.

Another entrant for our list of the best luxury hotel in Bengaluru is The The Oberoi which is a much more modern example of high-end hospitality. Despite being the epitome of sleek modern cool, it pulls off this style in a way that is never overbearing or cold, which is a balancing act few other hotels can manage. Nonetheless, it looks terrific from the outside, but you’ll have to wait to see what’s on the inside to truly appreciate everything The Oberoi has to offer. A wonderful blend of the best in modern architecture and décor touched with a hint of the classical and topped off with the incredibly natural surroundings is a feast for the eyes. Speaking of feasts, the hotel is home to award winning restaurants with five-star cuisine from across the globe. Facilities include coffeemakers, a large bathtub and shower, spa and beauty treatments (including yoga classes), free Wi-Fi, a stunning outdoor pool, massage facilities, air conditioning, designated smoking areas and more.

Another unique choice on our list of upmarket accommodation, the Taj West Endhas a distinctly warm, earthy edge to its immense luxury. Its almost as though the rooms were built to be a natural extension of the stunning brown tree trunks that grow majestically outside of your window. The rooms are spacious, elegantly and thoughtfully decorated and perhaps most importantly of all, are wonderfully comfortable. The rest of the hotel is just as stunning, as they never fail to find that perfect balance between earthiness and luxury which makes them stand out from the crowd. The hotel also features two restaurants, two full outdoor pools, soundproofed rooms, premium TV access, air conditioning, and much much more.

Opting for a more modern-inspired glamour, with its coloured glass façade and unapologetically contemporary interior style, is the Vivanta by Taj.Nestled in Whitefield, it’s mere steps away from the Ascendas Park Square, International tech Park and many other of Bengaluru’s must-see attractions. However, thanks to its masterfully crafted guest rooms and truly divine onsite facilities, you may be tempted to never leave the grounds. Everything you need can be found right here and will be delivered with a standard that goes above expectations. Tantalise your taste buds with delectable flavours in the two onsite restaurants, indulge in delectable drinks in the bar, refresh yourself with a dip in the relaxed outdoor pool area or be pampered within an inch of your life with the full service spa. Whatever you desire, you’ll find it right here.

Mid-Range Hotels in Bengaluru

Mid-Range Hotels in BengaluruIf you’re looking to indulge in luxury but with a lower price tag, there are a selection of mid-range hotels in Chennai that will suit your tastes. The President Hotelmight be an affordable mid-range hotel at a very reasonably price but it would appear that nobody told the hotel that. The service and facilities they offer go way beyond what is expected in this price range, with rates costing around INR 5,050 a night, and you could easily convince someone that there’s at least another star on here if they hadn’t checked it out beforehand. The rooms are very large and the décor is tasteful and modern, with the odd sleek hint of high-end luxury here and there. The hotel also comes with two bars, a complimentary buffet, a fascinating tribal themed restaurant, free Wi-Fi, a coffee shop, dry cleaning service, free newspaper, daily housekeeping, television, tea and coffee facilities, air conditioning and more. It’s no wonder then that it’s one of the most highly rated customer hotels amongst customers on this list. The President Hotel truly punches way above its weight.

The Keys Hotel looks like it could have fallen to earth from some distant planet, with its unique, futuristic exterior. It’s certainly out there: it’s perhaps what people from centuries past might imagine a hotel in the modern day would look like. However, it pulls off its strangeness with a certain level of finesse. This isn’t just some serene white gimmick without any substance. There’s style and sophistication here, in many ways more so than most traditional hotels. The inside looks even better: minimalistic but warm and welcoming, with large pristine rooms. It turns out the future has great interior decorators. Facilities here include a pool table, an arcade/game room (a feature the vast majority of five-star hotels don’t have), a 24-hour fitness facility, garden, free WI-FI and more, all for around just INR 4,100 a night.

From the future to the traditional with the Chris Hotel Whitefield. If you’re someone who isn’t a huge fan of ultra modern décor and prefer things a little more in keeping with the design ideals of the past, then we may have found the perfect hotel for you. Although there is the off modern twist here and there, the Christ Hotel Whitefield wears its heritage on its sleeves with pride, featuring thoughtful and delicate examples of traditional design philosophies updated with modern convenience. Rooms are simplistic but very comfortable, with its colour palette creating a sense of space and lightness within its walls. They have an excellent reputation and response from their customers thanks to their terrific service, style and facilities, which include a free breakfast, newspapers, Wi-Fi, laundry facilities, soundproofed rooms and a refrigerator, to name but a few.

Budget Hotels in Bengaluru

Budget Hotels in BengaluruLooking for the best budget hotel in Bengaluru? There’s a lot of contenders for that coveted title but on the shortlist has to be the charming Ample Inn. While it might not be the most extravagant looking building, there’s a certain rustic charm to it which more than makes up for its lack of luxury. The inside however is surprisingly upmarket for its price range, with the cost coming in at under INR 2,000 and including a comfortable downstairs seating area and even comfier rooms. It is clean, comfortable and decorated in a warm local style that makes you feel right at home. The rooms are a decent size for what you pay and it’s in an excellent location for travellers, situated right near the airport. There’s also decent food options and the customer service here is friendly helpful.

The Hotel Bangalore Gate will wow you with its style, substance and splendidly cheap price tag of around INR 2,700 a night. Situated in Gandhi Nagar, you’ll be just a stone’s throw away from some of the city’s finest attractions, including the Bangalore Palace and Bull Temple. And you don’t have to compromise on comfort or contemporary style for a budget rate either, as the Hotel Bangalore Gate’s guestrooms all feature wooden floors, warm tones and Egyptian cotton sheets. The facilities here also extend to two onsite restaurants, a café, deli, rooftop terrace and free Wi-Fi. You’ll struggle to find much better than that.

There’s no doubting that the style of the FabHotel Legacy Brigade Roadwon’t appeal to everyone. However, for those that want to keep the party going way after the bars close, the neon-lit, ultra modern eclecticism of their décor will provide a hotel experience offered by very few of their competitors. Fittingly for a hotel that seems designed for those looking for an exciting holiday experience, its found right at the heart of the city’s nightlife on M.G. Road. And once you have come back to rest your tired feet, you’ll be able to enjoy FabHotel’s premium bedding, cable TV, free Wi-Fi and room service, all for around INR 2,270.

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Getting Around Bengaluru

auto rickshaws


These are a great way of travelling short to medium length distances. Always opt for auto-rickshaws that use metres, as those that don’t may try to overcharge you. Please also be aware that those that do use metres have an increase in price of 50% after 10pm. These may be a cheap way to get around but they aren’t suitable for long journeys or in poor weather conditions, although this is rare in Bengaluru. Fares generally equate to INR 15 x the distance in kilometres.


Busses in Bengaluru are operated y the Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC). Their service is generally considered to be very good, offering convenient and comprehensive transport around the city.

There’s several types of busses to choose from. Red AC Vajra busses go back and forth across the city, while the green BIG10 busses concern themselves with the suburbs. There’s other busses that operate from the City bus stand and some at the City Market bus stand too. The major bus stands are the Kempegowda bus stand (also known as the Majestic bus stand), the City Market bus stand and the Shivajinagar Bus Stand. Generally speaking, you should have little issue getting to most parts of the city using this form of public transport.

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There’s a few types of taxi operating in Bengaluru. These include Meru Cabs, Megacabs, KSTDC and finally, airport city taxies, which are booked in advance of your arrival or found at the taxi queue outside the airport.

Other options include private taxis, which are the most expensive form of taxi. There’s also, QuickCabs Bangalore and to name but a few. The most popular taxi service is Uber, along with local service Ola. Needless to say, you shouldn’t be stuck for tax options in this city.

Private Vehicle

These can be arranged by your hotel or travel agent. It’s an expensive way to travel but you can enjoy the convenience of always having a driver waiting for you. In the best cases, your driver may also double up as a helpful guide to the best places to visit in the city.

Costs range between INR 50 to 100 per hour for auto rickshaw and 150 to 250 for a taxi. It is generally more expensive if booked via the hotel.

Zip around in a luxury car. Several luxury cars are available for self-drive rental in Chennai, for a few thousand rupees a day (or even by hours). Should you ever get an urge to try new set of wheels or need luxury car to impress your date/business partner, you can rent a Fortuner/Mercedes GLA/C Class and so on… It is a cool way to experience these cars without having to spend a fortune owning them.

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Best Time to Go to Bengaluru

sunset in bengaluruImage source: John Hoey

The city of Bengaluru generally benefits from a warm and pleasant climate throughout the year. However, to make sure you enjoy clear skies and sunshine during your visit, it is important to time your holiday here just right.

Monsoon season begins in Bengaluru around the end of May and lasts until September, with heavy downfall common in the later months. It is therefore advised that you avoid this time if you plan on staying dry. Similarly, September to February can also bring about problems, with the improvement in weather resulting in a huge tourist flow. If you are visiting between then, be prepared for bustling crowds in the malls, long queues at the attractions and peak rates in hotels.

We recommend booking your holiday to Bengaluru between March to May, as the city will be quieter and the summer temperatures will still be lingering in the air, with the mercury hitting highs of around 36°C.

Flights to Bengaluru


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When flying into Bengaluru, you will land in the Kempegowda International Airport, which serves the city. Located near the village of Devanahalli and around 25 miles north of the Bengaluru city centre, it’s simple enough to take taxi to your destination upon arrival.

The Kempegowda International Airport is one of India’s busiest, with around 18 million passengers passing through per year and 400 flight movements taking place here per day. This means that there are many different flights services here from around the country. There’s a wealth of non-stop flights to choose from New Delhi, with prices starting at around INR 2,500 and the journey taking just 2.5 hours to complete. Prices are even cheaper for direct flights from Mumbai and you’ll touch down at your destination in just 1.5 hours.

Visit the Expedia website to find the best prices for flights to Bengaluru.