Game Instructions

The 2018 Vivo Indian Premier League season is finally here! The teams, stadiums and fans are all ready for T20 cricket action, but are you? With Expedia India, you can now take to the field and catch out India’s biggest hitters. The aim of Stop The Run Chase is to prevent the cricket balls from reaching the stadiums by tapping on the moving ball mid-journey.

How it works

  1. 120 cricket balls are hit towards each of the IPL’s stadiums, all of which represent a different score.
  2. As the fielder, it’s your job to keep the runs down. As the time passes, the hits get quicker and increasingly difficult to stop.
  3. Share your scores on social media to win a compliment jersey of your favourite IPL team. Will you be hit for 6 or can you beat the world’s biggest hitters and get all the way to IPL glory?