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Mahabaleshwar is a city rich in natural beauty. This hill station, located in the Western Ghats range, offers its visitors delightful scenes of serenity, from its sparkling lakes to its beautiful gardens and captivating waterfalls. It is also home to one of India’s only evergreen forests, greeting tourists with rich greenery and providing incredible backdrops for its many hotels and restaurants. This Satara district municipal council also lays claims to a rich heritage and spiritual relevancy, with many incredible religious temples scattered across its landscape.

To help you get the most out of your visit here, we have put together this helpful travel guide. We will take you through the most popular attractions, shopping districts, restaurants, nightlife, hotels and more, so you can start planning a truly unforgettable trip.

Top Attractions

Venna Lake

While Venna Lake might seem like the perfect example of the majesty of nature working at its finest, this is actually a man-made venture. It stands as one of the greatest examples of man working in conjuncture with the surrounding elements to create something truly amazing. You’ll find absolutely stunning picturesque scenes with plenty of activities to enjoy. Alternatively, you can just sit back and soak in the view.

Dhobu Waterfall

If you want to take a walk on the wild side, quite literally, then check out the stunning natural beauty of Dhobu Waterfall. There’s a ton of terrific sights in Mahabaleshwar, but this picture perfect little gem is an incredible way to start your adventure and get a healthy dose of wanderlust that’ll have you exploring to find even more incredible sights. This is no amusement park however, so tread carefully.

Mahabaleshwar Temple

An icon of the district, Mahabaleshwar Temple is an absolute must see for anyone with the slightest interest in the local culture, architecture and history. Its incredible back story is briefly covered in our Things To Do list, but we do recommend reading up as much as possible about its origins to get a sense of the spiritual importance of the temple before you visit. It’ll give you a greater appreciation of this spectacular destination.

Things to do in Mahabaleshwar

Whether you’re looking to relax amongst wonderful scenes of nature, marvel at one of Mahableshwar’s many temples or get your pulse racing with some exciting activities, this unique destination has it all.

“On first glance, Mahabaleshwar feels like another chaotic Indian hill station. But there was a reason the British chose it as the summer capital of the then Bombay province: hike for an hour outside of town, and you’ll find yourself amid the most breathtaking vistas in the Western Ghats! Ask a local how to find these trails.”

By Shivya, from The Shooting Star Blog

Venna Lake

Image Source:Vikas Rana

Venna Lake is one of the top tourist destinations in Mahabaleshwar and it doesn’t take a genius to work our why. This incredibly beautiful location offers scenic blue waters surrounded by elegant waves of green, which fall back into a cloudless horizon, with sun-kissed lands, trees and of course, the lake itself creating a truly unique summers paradise. The most obvious activity here is hiring a boat to enjoy sailing over its gentle waves, but alternatively, you can also hire horses to ride next to the lake. You’ll feel like you’ve found yourself in some fairy tale film riding across these sunny lands while looking out upon its epic views. This is a man-made lake, which was constructed by Shr Appasaheb Maharaj, the then Raja of Satara, way back in the late nineteenth century. Today, its beauty remains untouched and it available for tourists and locals to enjoy.

Address:Venna Lake, Mahabaleshwar Panchgani road, Mahabaleshwar, Satara

Price: Free

Opening Hours: Daily: 08.00 – 20.00


Image Source: Ankur P

Also know as Valour Fort, this is an incredible place to visit for those looking for amazing views with a slice of history. In fact, you could argue that Pratagad offers more than a mere slice: this is the whole bakery of historical interest and significance. This is the site of the Battle of Pratapgad, which was fought between Marathas and Adilshahi forces in 1659, on November 10th. The latter army tasted defeat despite far outnumbering the Marathas, and this battle is considered a vital part in the origins of the Maratha empire, which ruled in India through the late seventeenth to the early nineteenth century. The entire historical importance of both that battle and this site are far too extensive and complex to go into here, but we highly recommend you learn as much as you can if you intend on visiting Valour Fort so you can truly appreciate the magnitude of its importance.

Address: Mahabaleshwar Poladpur Road, Satara, Raiga, Maharashtra 412806, India

Price: Free

Opening Hours: Daily: 06.00 – 21.00

Dhobi Waterfall

If you’re looking for a truly authentic experience of Mahabaleshwar’s wonderful natural environment, there’s possibly nothing more awe-inspiring, beautiful and purer than Dhobi Waterfall. This is a stunning natural wonder that has to be seen to be believed, with clear, magnificent waters tumbling down like an endlessly falling liquid tower. It’s found on the route connecting Old Mahabaleshwar Road to Petit Road, around 3km from the main Mahabaleshwar town. Do keep in mind that this is no ordinary tourist attraction. It isn’t like a theme park where everything is clearly laid out for you, so do make sure you know your route before embarking upon this journey. Also make sure to wear appropriate clothing for your comfort and safety. There’s wonderful views available here as well. It’s also worth checking your weather report as the quality of the waterfall does heavily depend on the rainfall around the time you visit.

Address: Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra 412806, India

Price: Free

Opening Hours: 24 hours

Wilson Point

Image Source: Ejaazali Khan

If you’re a fan of beautiful views and you don’t have any fears of heights, then Wilson Point offers a truly unforgettable look at the sheer majesty of Mahabaleshwar’s natural assets. Words really can’t do justice to its incredible mountain views. It’s named after Sir Leslie Wilson, who was the Governor of Bombay in the early twentieth century (1923-26), and at an eye watering 1,439mts, is the highest point of Mahabaleshwar. It’s perhaps the most beautiful spot in the entirety of the city to view both the sunrise and the sunset. Indeed, it’s the only place in which it is physically possible to view both. But no matter which way you choose to look, you’re bound to find something stunning to see because at Wilson Point, beauty surrounds you. Do choose your time to visit wisely as it is a very popular spot and the tranquillity of the experience can be somewhat hampered by hordes of people.

Address: Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra 412806, India

Price: Free

Opening Hours: Daily: 06.00 – 19.30

Mahabaleshwar Temple

Image Source: Vikas Rana

Built in 345-365 by Mayurasharma of the Kadamba Dynasty, the classic style of architecture, known as Dravidian, makes Mahabaleshwar Temple one of the most unusual and interesting looking temples in the region. But more fascinating than its looks is its history. Its legend has links to the demon king of Lanka (Ravana), as well as the naming of the town. It begins when Ravana’s mother was worshiping Shiva Linda to bring prosperity to her son and as a response, the god of heaven, Indra, stole the Shiva Linga and threw it in the sea. The mother then went on a hunger strike and, in order to stop this, Ravana promised to go to Mount Kailash to worship the main Atmalinga. He performed penance at the Mount, including chopping his hand and making a harp from his intestines. There’s much more to this story and it’s well worth checking out, as it’s a fascinating tale that really brings this temple to life. Overall though, this is a wonderful spot for those looking for a unique spiritual experience or simply anyone who appreciates architecture with a fascinating history and legend.

Address: Koti Teertha Road, Kotiteertha, Gokarna, Karnataka 581326, India

Price: Free

Opening Hours: Daily: 05.00 – 12.00, 16.00 – 21.00

“Mahabaleshwar’s close proximity to Mumbai and Pune, make it touristy. It’s a popular hill station with honeymooners too. But that doesn’t make it any less pretty. As a summer capital of the Bombay province of British Raj, Mahabaleshwar throws a nice colonial vibe, and offers breathtaking views of the Sahyadri mountain ranges. There are a lot of Points to see in the region, but really this place is about a ‘Staycation’. Hire a bungalow, and just sit back and live an unhurried life (albeit momentarily). And since no holiday is complete unless you’ve tried something local, Mahabaleshwar grows more than 80% of India’s strawberries. A trip here is incomplete without trying the town’s famous Strawberries and Cream.”

By Edwina, Wanna Be Maven

Krishnabai Temple

Image Source: UrbanWanderer

This ancient temple is believed to be over 5,000 years old and remains just as impressive to this day. It does take a little bit of exploration to find though, as the path has become hidden with old age. However, there are signs around the help you find the temple, although these generally are titled “Krishna Devi Temple”, not Krishnabai Temple. This stone temple features some truly amazing ancient architecture, as well as beautiful views of Krishna Valley and flowing Krishna river, with its backdrop of majestic mountains. So do make sure you bring a camera, as this is one attraction that you’ll never want to forget. While not as stunning as it once was, it does retain an ambience that is both timeless and well worth the visit. Few people go to this temple (at least in comparison to others) so make sure you pay a visit to get your unique holiday experience.

Address: Old Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra

Price: Free

Opening Hours: 24 hours

“The town is reminiscent of Mahabaleshwar serving as summer capital during British Raj. Livelihood thrives on tourism and agriculture with choicest strawberries and mulberries. A typical day offers gallop on a horse, boat paddling, wood fired pizza at Mapro, with late evening stroll on quintessential Mall Road, old classics and good wine from Imperial Store.”

By Deepali, Lemon In Ginger

Velocity Entertainmentz

Image Source: Ben Sutherland

Mahabaleshwar is generally known for its natural beauty, temples, history and culture. It’s a more refined holiday experience if you will: somewhere where you can not only have a great, interesting vacation, but also learn a few things and really get back in touch with nature. All of that is well and good. It’s many of the reasons people love this city. However, sometimes you just want to let loose and have some pure, adrenaline-rushing, heart-pumping fun. This is where Velocity Entertainmentz comes in. The top amusement park in the area, they offer a ton of rides suitable for all ages, including go karting and paintball. There’s even great onsite food and beverage options, as well as trekking for those who want to maintain a more down to earth holiday experience.

Address: Panchgani-Mahabaleshwar Road, Panchgani, Mahabaleshwar, 412805, Maharashtra

Price: Varies depending on activity

Opening Hours: Daily: 09.00 – 23.00

Panchganga Temple

Image Source: Ardent Nebulous

The Panchganga Temple might not be the most physically impressive looking temple on this list or indeed in Mahabaleshwar in general. It is however, one of the most spiritually significant. This temple collects holy water of a union of five rivers. That’s actually where the temple gets its name Panchganga: Panch literally means five and Ganga means holy river. These rivers are Venna, Gayatri, Savitri, Koyna and Krishna. The temple might not be the prettiest, but it has an inner beauty that is completely unique.

Address: Kshetra Mahabaleshwar, Mahabaleshwar, India

Price: Free

Opening Hours: Daily: 05.00 – 12.00, 16.00 – 21.00

“A perfect getaway far from the maddening crowds, Mahabaleshwar is more than just a hill station. It’s a blend of scenic beauty and a quintessential old world charm, with remnants of antiquity. Verdant hills, dotted with numerous waterfalls and panoramic views take your breath away. These coupled with historically significant places make it a perfect destination for lovers of outdoor activities and sightseers alike.”

By Juana Aman, India Travel Blog

Shopping in Mahabaleshwar

Looking to get busy browsing during your holiday? Mahabaleshwar has an array of shopping opportunities, from busy bazaars to fresh produce farmed locally, so all you need to do is get your wallet at the ready.

Image Source: Singapore Sunny Side Up

Town Bazaar

Found at the very heart of Mahabaleshwar, Town Bazaar is one of the premier shopping experiences in the city. As such, you can expect to feel the pulse of a bustling marketplace, in which anything and everything you could possibly want is likely to be sold somewhere. This is a wonderful spot to find items unique to the area, including handicrafts, clothing and of course, that world famous delicious fresh fruits for which Mahabaleshwar is famous.

Address: Town Bazaar, Mahabaleshwar, Satara, Maharashtra, 412806, India

Opening Hours: Daily, 09:00 – 22.00

Imperial Stores

Originally founded by an Iranian national during British colonial rule, Imperial Stores has a distinctive and unique personality that it has maintained ever since. In fact, the same family that originally owned the store still owns it today. It’s an unusual blend: on one hand it’s a great restaurant featuring terrific western and eastern cuisine. It’s also a terrific place to enjoy a quiet drink, as well as doubling (or should we say tripling up) as a store that sells everything from snacks to medical products. They’re also known for the quirky management and eccentric style of its owners, who have become somewhat of a local legend, as well as playing lovely instrumental music while you dine/shop. It’s certainly a different shopping experience, but one that you’re likely not to forget in a hurry.

Address: Opp. State Bank Of India, 768 Masjid Road, Mahabaleshwar

Opening Hours: Daily, 09.00 – 21.00

Mapro Garden

Image Source: chirag_jog

You won’t find more mouth watering strawberries in Mahabaleshwar, or anywhere else for that matter, than at Mapro Garden, which is responsible for the vast majority of strawberry produce throughout India (estimates have it at around 85%). As you can imagine, you can get just about every strawberry related product here, including desserts, jams and shakes, but there’s more on offer here than just that delicious berry. There’s also an onsite restaurant, ice creams, spices, pizzas and a variety of drink options. Best of all, you get to try a bunch of unique flavours for free! It’s a beautiful place to walk around, with scenic views and fresh air and is fun for all ages. We recommend you try to get here for the strawberry festivals, which include musical entertainment and a celebration of all things strawberry.

Address: 15/1B, Gureghar, Panchgani Mahabaleshwar Road, Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra 412806, India

Opening Hours: Daily, 08.00 – 20.00

“Beautiful mountains, pleasant climate, hotels available in every price range and loads of fresh berries… Mahabaleshwar is a tiny tourist heaven and is a perfect weekend getaway to unwind and relax. The weather here is always pleasant and you can’t ignore the beautiful strawberry gardens which are grown here in abundance.”

By Ali and Lubaina, Lifestyle & Travel blogger, Wanna Be Lubuzine

Fun Facts

  • Also known as table land, the Panchgani plateau is the second longest of its kind in Asia, with the first being the Tibetan plateau.
  • Panchgangai Mandir is more important to the environment than you might realise, being the source of five rivers from its place in Old Mahabaleshwar, including the Krishna River, which is the second longest in India.
  • The word Mahabaleshwar either means “God of Great Power” or “God of Mavalas”, referring to the deity Lord Shiva.
  • The oldest mention of the city is from 1215, following a visit from King Singham.

Where to Eat in Mahabaleshwar

Tuck into some truly tantalising flavours in one of Mahabaleshwar’s many restaurants and eateries. As well as serving up delectably authentic Indian cuisine, this city also has some amazing international taste tricks up its sleeves too.

Image Source: SteFou!

The Grapevine

Critics and fans alike are unable to decided what they love most about The Grapevine, whether it’s the food or the ambience. Both are full of warmth and a mix of the traditional and the innovate, blending together to make for a truly special dining experience. Despite its somewhat western sounding name, The Grapevine does have a large selection of Indian and Asian dishes and is a restaurant that aims to make art of food, with your taste buds as its canvas.

Address: Market Area Masjid Road | opp. Fountain Village hotel, Mahabaleshwar 412806, India

Annapurna Garden Restaurant

Found on the Mahabaleshwar highway close to Bagicha corner, Annapurna Garden Restaurant offers great food at excellent prices with a surprisingly pleasant, relaxed outdoor atmosphere, considering its location. They specialise in local cuisine, meaning you can get some authentic Mahabaleshwar grub on the go, including a great range of vegetarian options.

Address: Mahabaleshwar – Panchgani Road | Near Venna Lake, Mahabaleshwar, 412806, India

Image Source: Ernesto Andrade

The Olive Garden

Mahabaleshwar isn’t best known for Italian food. Great authentic Indian cuisine? Sure. Terrific Asian dishes? Absolutely. The freshest fruit anywhere in the world? You better believe it. But Italian food? That is generally seen as more of a niche cuisine here. The Olive Garden is here to change all that with a restaurant so authentic, you feel like you could be eating them on a Venetian riverside. Their freshly basked pizzas deserve special praise, but everything on the menu is a winner.

Address: Brightland Resort & Spa, Kates Point Road, Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra 412806, India

Bagicha Corner

A dessert specialist that takes pride in its sweet tooth, Bagichi Corner is no ordinary ice cream parlour or a drop-in point to get a quick piece of pie. This is a dessert restaurant that takes its sweets as seriously as a five-star culinary establishment takes its savoury courses, with each dish delivered with true finesse, passion and often innovation. Not only does Bagichi Corner have a great mix of eastern and western desserts, there are a few creative surprises here to keep you on your toes too. Of course, with this being Mahabaleshwar, the fruit based desserts are an absolute must.

Address: Dr.Sabne Road, Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra 412806, India

Nightlife in Mahabaleshwar

After spending a day sightseeing, shopping and satisfying your hunger, you can relax in one of Mahabaleshwar’s bars or get your dancing shoes on at a bustling club.

Image Source: Michael Shehan Obeysekera

The Tarang Bar

The Tarang Bar is loved by locals and tourists alike for its heady mix of top notch food, quality drinks and relaxing ambience. It’s one of the best bars in Mahabaleshwar and it doesn’t even cost that much to go and enjoy their terrific service. With drinks ranging from simple to top notch cocktails, all at great prices, you can be sure of a wonderful time here, even if your wallet’s a little light that evening. The food is more than worth a bite too.

Address: 19/B Panchgani | Mahabaleshwar Road, Mahabaleshwar 412806, India

The Electrique Mist

While Mahabaleshwar isn’t exactly known for its clubbing scene, The Electrique Mist is here to scratch your late night partying itch. Here they play everything from house to techno, meaning if you love clubbing, you’ll find a late night home right here. Not only that but there’s a chilled out restaurant if you want to take a break from dancing the night away, or if you just want to recharge your batteries after a hard night’s partying.

Address: Bright Land Holiday Village Resort Premises, Kate’s Point, Nera Shilpa Farm, Mahabaleshwar, Satara, Maharashtra, 412806, India

Image Source: Marius Dollinger

Treachers Wines

If you’re something of a wine connoisseur, then you just have to do yourself a favour and take a trip down to Treachers Wines, the seminal wine outlet found in the Shreyas Hotel complex. Here you can choose wines specified to your tastes. However, if you’re in the mood for something a little more familiar, there’s also a great selection of international and regional win’s available. It’s not just wines here too, with excellent choice across a wide range of liquors.

Address: S.T. Bus Station, Mahalabeshwar, Satara, Maharashtra, 412806, India

Top Tips

  • Make the most of the cool climate:
  • Thanks to its high altitude and cooler temperatures, Mahabaleshwar is the ideal place to go for a walk and enjoy the sights and sounds of the hill station.
  • Arrive early if possible:
  • Most hotels here have early check in times, usually of around 09.00. If possible, organise your arrival for before this time to avoid waiting around.
  • Check out the water well:
  • While it wasn’t quite a bit enough attraction to make our Things To Do list, we do recommend that you check out the 100 foot deep water well found in the library compound. It’s 150 years old and still provides water to the locals to this day.
  • Eat fresh:
  • Mahabaleshwar is an incredible place to find the freshest produce, with various berries and vegetables being grown locally. Take advantage of this and enjoy the locally prepared food made with the best ingredients.

Hotels in Mahabaleshwar

Luxury Hotels in Mahabaleshwar

Talk about making a first impression, Evershine Keys Prima Resort smacks visitors with its extravagance the first time they lay eyes on it. This is stunning, vast and awe-inspiring in the scale and extent of the luxury on offer. Truly, this may take the award for most jaw-dropping first impression out of any hotel on this list. The pool area is like the stuff of fairy tales. Its rooms are less flamboyant, but that’s probably for the best. You want something a little more mellow in your hotel room to ensure you get a good spot of shut eye. Here you get a great space and lightness from its bright, open design, including a very large and comfortable bed and flat screen TV. It’s also in a beautiful location at Wilson Point, a mere ten minutes from the main market. If that wasn’t enough, guests can also enjoy the onsite pizzeria, a world cuisine café, a bar, spa and Mediterranean restaurant.

The 4-star Brightland Resort & Spa is nestled in stunning woodlands, offering simply spectacular views from its mountainside location near Kate’s Point. While it’s spacious guestrooms may be modestly decorated, they truly excel when it comes to the surrounding scenery, delivering captivating views across the valley, gardens and forests. This is coupled with a delightful attention to detail, highlighted by the rooms’ premium bedding, flat screen TVs, complimentary Wi-Fi, coffeemakers and designer toiletries. Outside of your room, you’ll be greeted by an outdoor pool, spa tub, disco and Prana Spa, as well as bars and restaurants where you can refuel after a long day’s sightseeing. The dining delights here will wow guests of all tastes, featuring an outdoor barbecue, Italian and vegetarian restaurants.

Another 4-star hotel that is framed by rich forestry is the Club Mahindra Mahabaleshwar Sherwood. The panoramic views really make waking up here feel like a dream and with its location just a short walk away from Venna Lake and Lingmala Waterfall, this is a magical escape you won’t forget. The bright and contemporary guestrooms have an undeniable charm to them and provide guests with all the modern comforts they’d expect, such as coffee makers, TVs and sofas, as well as room service, ceiling fans and rainfall showerheads. After taking in the views, you can start your day off with a complimentary breakfast buffet, with buffet-style meals available through the day from the onsite restaurant. You can then unwind in the spa, take a splash in the outdoor pool or keep yourself entertained in the game room.

Mid-Range Hotels in Mahabaleshwar

Blue Country Resort is surrounded by lush greenery: its pool area appearing like a mirage in an all natural paradise of freshly cut grass and deep swamps of trees. The very best hotels in Mahabaleshwar really go above and beyond to incorporate the natural beauty that surrounds them into their hotel and and Blue Country Resort manages this very well. The view from your room is usually some expertly manicured wildlife and it really does add another layer of luxury to your stay. The rooms themselves are decent, rustic with a modern touch alongside plenty of space and comfortable furnishings This is a family friendly hotel with plenty to offer.

Citrus Chambers is a truly unusual looking hotel. It almost resembles a super sized conservatory with the way it seems to be completely focused on bringing in as much light as possible. The results are quite remarkable, with every inch of its exquisite interior lit up with the freshness of a summers day. Few hotels, including the very peak of luxury accommodation, manage to pull off flowing this seamlessly with nature. The rooms are stunningly decorated with deep browns and yellows, which seems to be an extension of the trees outside. Facilities include and onsite spa, a free breakfast, free Wi-Fi, an outdoor pool and a dining area.

The elegant and laid back Saj Resort can be found in the Mahabaleshwar hills off the NH72 highway. It has an elegant style that perfectly balances with its relaxed atmosphere. Its guest rooms feature personable touches with bursts of colour here and there, alongside coffee makers, flat-screen TVs and room service to ensure you have the most comfortable stay. But it’s the extra features here that really make the Saj Resort excel. An all-day, open-air café dishes up a complimentary breakfast, while the onsite vegetarian restaurant has you covered for lunch and dinner. For a more energetic evening, make sure you check out the outdoor buffet with live entertainment or just be utterly pampered with the hotel’s outdoor pool and full-service spa.

If you’re looking to really reconnect with the Mahabaleshwar, landscape then you can’t go wrong with the United 21 Resort. This modern hotel is found in the Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary and is decorated with bright and beautiful flora. And if that doesn’t satisfy your itch for nature, the Mapro Garden is just 6 miles away. The villas continue with the contemporary theme, offering guests bold décor and plus furnishings, alongside coffeemakers, flat-screen TVs and minibars. And if the rooms didn’t leave their mark on you, the dazzling outdoor pool, fun-filled games room and Indian / Chinese restaurant certainly will.

Budget Hotels in Mahabaleshwar

With its rustically styled interiors, inviting bedding and array of modern comforts, you’ll get plenty of bang for your buck at the 3-star Fountain Village hotel. With rates starting around INR 4,000 a night, you’ll get to enjoy both comfort and convenience here, with the hotel being located in the entertainment district and close to plenty of top attractions, such as Wilson Point and Venna Lake. It also boasts a number of fantastic amenities, including an outdoor pool, complimentary breakfast and onsite arcade. These exceptional touches carry through into the 16 guestrooms, which feature balconies, rainfall showerheads and LCD TVs.

The Fern Surya Resort is definitely a crowd pleaser, offering luxurious features for prices as low as INR 1,760. Its incredible location offers guests rolling views over rich greenery, with popular attractions such as Velocity Entertainmentz, Mapro Garden and Mahabaleshwar Bazaar all a stone’s throw away. While its 37 rooms may have a back to basics style, this 3-star hotel more than makes up for its stripped-back looks with an onsite restaurant, outdoor pool and café. You can’t go wrong.

With rates starting at around INR 6,289, the Regenta MPG Club is one of the most expensive three-star hotel on our list. But you’ll forgive its more expensive price tag when you see just how much luxury and decadence it delivers. This spa hotel is surrounded by colourful, tropical plant life and is located within a 15-minute walk of the Catholic Church, Wilson Point and Venna Lake. The warm, muted décor in the guest bedrooms rival those at any luxury resort, complete with earthy tones, flat-screen TVs and furnished balconies. Upgraded suites take things one step further, with marble bathrooms and whirlpool tubs. A complimentary buffet breakfast is served each day, with international cuisine available in the onsite restaurant and an impressive drinks menu being served in the wood-panelled lounge. And that’s not all. Regenta MPG Club also features an onsite fitness centre, game room, outdoor pool and full service spa.

For more hotels in Mahableshwar, explore the Expedia India website and find the best accommodation for your stay.

Getting Around Mahabaleshwar

Due to the relatively small size of Mahabaleshwar and the fact that it’s built on a plateau, getting around is fairly easy. Main destinations are known as points and can be found at the edges of the plateau, making them an excellent way to navigate your way around.


These can be found from the centre of town, opposite the club near Irani’s petrol station. These generally cost INR 50 for local trips. These rates are all fixed so there’s no use haggling for a lower price. It costs INR 450 for a local sightseeing tour. However, taxis have a rule against providing service to a single person, meaning if you are by yourself, you’ll need to head to the police station, provide identification and answer questions in order to get permission to ride by yourself.

Rental Cars / Horses

Both cars and horses are available to rent from various spots throughout the city. We advise you to do research before renting something so valuable and it goes without saying that if you are going to travel by horse, then make sure you are honest about your skill level.

Image Source: Ankur P


These are provided by the government and are generally considered the best way of getting around the city. You must book tickets the prior day and the cost is generally between INR 80 and INR 85.

There are two main services: one which which runs between 2.30 and 7.00 pm and another that runs between 9.30am and 1.30pm. Most of the city’s main points are covered via these services.

Best Time to Visit Mahabaleshwar

Mahabaleshwar experiences three different seasons throughout the year. These consist of monsoon season, which occurs between mid-June to September. During this period, heavy rainfall is common and the hill station location can become quite dangerous to traverse.

Winter falls between November to mid-March. The climates during this time are pleasant, although it can get cold so visitors are advised to bring extra layers of clothes. If you would prefer sunnier and hotter weather, you should visit Mahabaleshwar between March to June, when the summer season hits. The temperatures tend to vary between 15°C to highs of 35°C, providing ideal conditions for exploring the popular outdoor attractions. However, you won’t be the only one there, as summer is a busy time in terms of tourists and Mahabaleshwar can become very busy.

Flights to Mahabaleshwar

Image Source: Markus Spiske

Unfortunately, Mahabaleshwar does not have its own dedicated airport. The nearest available airport is in Pune, which is located around 75 miles away from Mahabaleshwar. If you don’t mind the long taxi or bus journey upon arrival, you can book flights to Pune airport from most of India’s major airports. Non-stop flights from Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi are very affordable and take around 2 hours to complete, while direct journeys from Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai can be complete in just 45 minutes.

There are also bus and train services available. The closest rail station to Mahabaleshwar is Wathar, which is just 37 miles away. However, there are limited services here so it is often easier to arrive in Pune and then take a bus or taxi the rest of the way. Buses often arrive closer to the hill station, with several services operating from Mumbai. The journey takes approximately six hours to complete, so if you are travelling by bus, it is advised you opt for private operators over state transport for a more comfortable ride.

Visit the Expedia website to find the best prices for flights to Mahabaleshwar.