Sala Sao Paulo

A grand railroad station houses the Julio Prestes Cultural Center where you can hear the beautiful sounds of São Paulo's symphony orchestra.

Sit back as the sounds of the São Paulo State Symphonic Orchestra mesmerize you at this spectacular theater. Visit the Julio Prestes Cultural Center, which is located within the walls of the Julio Prestes Train Station, to see the opulent Sala São Paulo at its center. The nearly 1,500-seat concert hall has some of the best acoustics in the country, and is perfect for orchestral and choral arrangements. Listen to touring artists and locals perform alongside the orchestra in what used to be the Grand Hall of the station.

Admire the intricate designs that adorn the walls and ceiling of the Sala São Paulo. The high ceilings play a large part in the theater’s spectacular sound quality and allow stunning reverberation to occur. Despite its historic patina and architecture, the Sala São Paulo is incredibly modern. Watch as rising platforms allow choirs to be elevated during performances. An adjustable ceiling allows the space to adapt to different performance configurations and seating plans.

Sign up for a guided tour in English or Spanish to see the concert hall during the day. Learn about the architecture and sound engineering techniques used within the hall as you discover the history of the station and Julio Prestes Cultural Center.

Make a reservation for an event at the theater in advance by visiting the Sala São Paulo box office or using the online ticketing service. Here you’ll find a program of events outlining the jazz, classical and chamber events. Don’t miss seeing the São Paulo State Symphonic Orchestra perform at their home venue, an experience for all music lovers. As you leave, be sure to take a photograph of the building’s exterior with its clock tower illuminated against the night sky. Use caution in this area that is popular with both tourists and criminals.

Sala São Paulo is located on Praca Julio Prestes in São Paulo’s Luz district. It is best reached by bus or metro, as parking is limited in the area. The theater is open weekdays for tours and during event times.