Ibirapuera Auditorium

Enjoy the sounds of traditional Brazilian bands as you sprawl on the grass or sit in the comfort of this modern auditorium.

It is fitting that one of São Paulo’s most iconic buildings, the Ibirapuera Auditorium, is the conception of one of Brazil’s most cherished architects, Oscar Niemeyer. The auditorium is a striking work of modern architecture in the center of Ibirapuera Park and was constructed with a focus on music. Visit the Ibirapuera Auditorium to catch a riveting performance or stroll around its grounds on a sunny day to admire the architecture.

Its location in the heart of one of the city’s biggest parks makes the auditorium’s appearance even more dramatic. Walk through the park to see the bold, white trapezoid emerging from its lush surroundings, with its vibrant, red-roofed entrance protruding from the building like a tongue. Pose in front of the building to immortalize it in your photo albums.

Make a reservation for an event to admire the auditorium’s interior. A popular time to catch a casual event is Sunday evenings. Arrive before sunset to buy a ticket and spend time in the park while it is still light outside. Purchase a drink from the bar inside, and admire art by Tomie Ohtake and Luis Antonio Vallandro Keating as you wander around the interior of the auditorium. Before you take your seat, be sure to peer through the windows of the music school downstairs to see if any classes are going on.

In summer, the rear wall of the auditorium stage can be opened, allowing you to watch concerts from a grassy area outside. These open-air performances are a local favorite and a great way to listen to traditional Brazilian music.

The Ibirapuera Auditorium is located in Ibirapuera Park on the edge of the city center. Reach the park by bus or metro or use the metered parking on the edge of the park. The auditorium is open Thursday through Sunday. Ticket prices vary between events.