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Vienna Travel News


Honeymoon in Vienna - Vienna Travel News

Commonly referred to as, "The city of dreams," Vienna will provide ardent visitors with a sense of reverie when it comes to honeymoon travel. A renown destination for star-crossed lovers, the capital of Austria is an ideal destination to bask in a gorgeous sun.. Read more

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Honouring history in Vienna - Vienna Travel News

Besides serving as the capital of Austria, Vienna is a momentous city that is oozing with history and beauty at every turn. Often referred to as the, "City of Dreams," it is easy to see how travellers can get carried away in their thoughts and imaginations wit.. Read more

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Top 10 friendliest countries for tourists - Scenic Beauty Travel News

One segment of a March 2013 report by the World Economic Forum - The Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report - looked at 140 countries and evaluated how welcoming locals are to tourists. Consider planning your next holiday around one of these top 10 tourist-frien.. Read more

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See Vienna's beautiful buildings - Vienna Travel News

Vienna is chock-full of architectural gems. During your Vienna holidays, make sure to see and explore these beautiful Viennese buildings:

Stephansdom ​St. Stephen's Cathedral - Stephansdom - is the landmark people most associate with Vienna, and with .. Read more

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Relax at Viennese coffeehouses - Food & Wine Travel News

The mountainous country of Austria may be overlooked by travelers searching for a European destination. For visitors searching for grand palaces, historic sites and educational museums, however, the capital city of Vienna is an unbeatable spot for romantic getaways.. Read more

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