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Venice Travel News

Romantic getaways in Venice - Venice Travel News

Love is always in the air in Venice, Italy - a city where newlyweds, couples celebrating anniversaries and those simply looking to find that special someone to flock to. Whether it is taking an afternoon cruise on a paddle​ boat through the intertwin.. Read more

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Enjoy a fall trip to Venice on a budget - Venice Travel News

Italy is not known for being an affordable travel destination, yet the canal-ridden city of Venice provides a number of spots to explore northern Italy's way of life. Here are some of the best ways to eat, drink and see the sites while on a budget:

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Medici Villas, Mount Etna in Italy receive UNESCO World Heritage Status - World heritage Travel News

Two sites in the beautiful Mediterranean nation of Italy recently received UNESCO World Heritage status: Mount Etna and the Medici Villas in Tuscany. If you're thinking about taking Rome or Venice holidays.. Read more

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Rekindle romance in Venice   - Romance Travel News

Venice is known as one of the most romantic cities in the world, and for good reason. As an ideal location for honeymoon travel or even just romantic getaways, Venice has countless attractions.. Read more

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Longest suspension bridge in the world now opened to travellers and residents in China - Shanghai Travel News

A new manmade wonder has been completed in China and is now open for all travellers and locals to experience. In China's Hunan province, the world's largest suspension bridge was completed at the end of March, culminating in a massive opening ceremony welcoming .. Read more

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