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Mayor of New York City announces extensive tourism campaign

Posted on Thursday 26 April 2012 in United States of America, New York


Indian travellers who have dreamed of heading to the U.S. often picture New York holidays and enjoying the big city.  - New York Travel News

Indian travellers who have dreamed of heading to the U.S. often picture New York holidays and enjoying the big city. This destination welcomes millions of guests every year who visit the wealth of attractions, culinary delights and cultural offerings all located within the iconic skyline.

Recently, Mayor of New York City Michael Bloomberg announced that the metropolis is going to invest more in their tourism campaigns and aim to generate additional revenue that will, in turn, create more jobs and boost the economy. The mayor said he hopes that the city will have more than $70 billion coming in from the tourism industry by the year 2015.

"Today’s announcement is another reminder of the important role tourism plays in New York City,” said Bloomberg. "Every visitor that comes to our city and every dollar they spend are critically important to our economy. After reaching a record-breaking 50 million visitors last year and setting our sights on attracting 55 million visitors by 2015, New York City is working hard to remain the favourite destination for visitors from around the world."

Over the next few years, city tourism groups will be focusing on a number of projects that will increase the amount of people visiting for leisure and business trips. For instance, organisations like NYC & Company, which is a leading hub for holiday information in the locale, will be targeting demographics like families, young people and the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community. When it comes to what kind of travellers New York City hopes to entice, high on the list are individuals from Latin America, China and India. Overall, the destination attracts the most visitors to this metropolis over any other place in the U.S., as roughly one-third of all those who visit from different parts of the world make a stop in New York.

Indian travellers interested in a trip to this vibrant U.S. city can easily take flights to New York from several major transportation hubs, including Mumbai and Bangalore. With the right planning, accommodations can be booked well in advance so tourists may secure wallet-friendly rates for their holiday. Many of the best attractions, such as Central Park, are free and open to the public, so Indian travellers could make their excursion affordable with a little ingenuity and organisation.

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