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Renowned chef announces favourite culinary locales for travel

Posted on Wednesday 06 June 2012 in United States of America, Los Angeles, New York


Top international chef Richard Sandoval and recently teamed up to collaborate on a list featuring the best places to sample local cuisine around the world.  - Los Angeles Travel News

Top international chef Richard Sandoval and recently teamed up to collaborate on a list featuring the best places to sample local cuisine around the world. From Qatar to the U.S., the places made included in the top picks were varied and eclectic, showcasing a variety of styles and culinary offerings.

"One of the most pleasurable ways to experience a new city is through its food," said Sandoval, chef and founder of Richard Sandoval Restaurants. "Whether it’s the regional ingredients, techniques or fresh food, the cuisine of a city absorbs a personality of its own. Every time I travel it excites and inspires me as I uncover new and interesting flavor combinations, along with the familiar favourites."

The U.S. boasts amazing restaurants

Some of his preferred foodie encounters were in several major cities across the U.S., such as restaurants he has visited on Los Angeles holidays. Sandoval recommends places like the Lazy Ox Canteen located in the Little Tokyo district. This establishment features small plates patrons can share to have a bite of many different dishes, including homemade rice pudding and roasted pork belly.

Sandoval also mentions travellers should visit the Pizzeria Mozza in Los Angeles that specialises in crispy pies topped with unique flourishes like fried squash blossoms and fennel sausage.

New York City goes without saying as well when chefs highlight culinary hotspots in the U.S., since it acts as a hub for various international chefs to test out their talents in countless restaurants throughout the buzzing metropolis. mentions how travellers can stay in various boroughs or neighbourhoods to get a feel for the rich culture and customs found in the city, like Koreatown, Little Germany and Little Brazil.

Choosing Qatar for culinary thrills

Among the best places to eat globally, Sandoval also mentioned Qatar as a great up-and-coming destination for foodies to explore. Indian tourists can visit this country when looking to enjoy a luxury travel expedition, as many of the restaurants, attractions and entertainment options exude the lavish ambiance of Middle Eastern style and sophistication.

One restaurant not to be missed in Qatar is Al-Bandar. Serving exotic dishes like roasted barracuda in banana leaves, this establishment can introduce Indians to the unique tastes and flavours of this locale.

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