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Indians can experience an exciting vacation without leaving the country

Posted on Tuesday 14 June 2011 in Summer


A fun summer vacation can be had right within the borders of India - Summer Travel News

Finances, time constraints and family obligations are all variables that can prevent an individual from planning an out-of-country vacation for the upcoming summer holidays. Fortunately, being unable to travel internationally this season doesn't have to prevent one from having a great time and experiencing new things. Lucky for Indian citizens, the northeast corner of their home country holds one of the most beautiful and interesting destinations in the world: Manipur.

According to the Times of India, Manipur is "a slice of Switzerland in India". This destination has it all, from an exotic and diverse population of wildlife to tropical islands to a peaceful and calm atmosphere. It borders Assam in the west, Mizoram in the south, Nagaland in the north and Burma in the east, all of which have had an influence on the development of the state's unique culture and feel. Just as Switzerland is known as an amalgam of the many European countries it is surrounded by, Manipur offers a similarly diverse feel as a result of its location.

There are many different places in Manipur that travelers may be interested in visiting. The amount of time one has to spend in the area along with his or her specific interests will shape the planning of a vacation. Regardless of whether an individual is looking to have an adventurous or relaxing holiday, there are activities in Manipur to fill everyone's particular needs.

One major destination that the Times of India suggests travelers visit is Imphal, the state's capital city. Here, surrounded by seven hills, lies the cultural and commercial center of Manipur. Shoppers may want to make the Khwairamband bazaar their first stop, as it is the largest market in the country. Feminists, or those interested in Indian matriarchal culture, will also be interested in this attraction, as it is completely run by women. This is a touristy spot due to its central location, but it is definitely worth checking out and a great place to pick up Manipur hand looms and bamboo craftsman work. For those looking to purchase designer clothing and foreign fashion, the Gambhir Singh shopping complex may be a better bet.

Also in Imphal are some important and interesting historical sites. Travelers may enjoy a visit to the war cemetery, which was erected in memory of fallen British and Indian soldiers during WWII. The Shri Govindajee Temple is another popular attractions, specifically for Vaisnavites, who hold the place very sacred.

For the outdoorsy and adventure travel seeking bunch, Lotak Lake and Keibul Lamjao National Park are two sites in Imphal that should be on the must-see list. The body of water is the largest of its kind in northeastern India and is home to several small islands. It is a great place to enjoy the sun or take out a boat, while the park, which is located on the edge of the lake, is ideal for observing the rare Sangai deer and other forms of native wildlife.

Another major city that the news sources recommends as a travel destination is Moreh, which is located on the eastern border of the state. Here, visitors can experience a bit of Burmese culture, shop for Asian electronics and other high-priced consumer products at a bargain price. They should also take the time to explore the area on a chariot ride, which is a popular activity for tourists.

In addition to Moreh and Imphal, travelers should consider visiting Moirang, Singda and Ukhrul.

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