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Travelers should consider taking a unique vacation

Posted on Wednesday 24 August 2011 in Short Breaks


Travelers should consider taking a unique vacation - Short Breaks Travel News

The Guardian, a news outlet based in the UK, recently published an article listing some of the most unique vacations currently offered worldwide. Individuals who are interested in planning an out of the ordinary trip may wish to consider embarking on one of these unusual getaways.

Travelers who wish to spend a peaceful weekend meditating and letting go of life's daily stresses may want to plan a trip to Hotel La Perla in Corvara, a small village in the Dolomite Mountain Range of Italy. At this hotel, individuals are not allowed to speak at all during the course of the day, a fact that is intended to foster a feeling of peace and togetherness between the guests. The Day of Silence is kicked off each afternoon at 3 p.m. by the ringing of gongs. Later on, visitors join together at a gala dinner where the only communication allowed is through smiles, nods, touching and winks. Once the meal has been served, guests are treated to a performance by a belly dancer and silent flute player.

Another interesting vacation can be had at the Eastbrook Farm in Wiltshire, a location in the southwestern region of England. Individuals who plan a trip to this destination will be afforded the very unique experience of sleeping in pig houses on fresh straw. In addition, guests will have the pleasure of sharing the tin houses with 3,000 four-legged friends who also live there.

According to the Eastbrook Farm's press release, individuals who stay in the pig houses "will wake to the sound of about 150 pigs yawning, and at night will see, or hear, or feel, badgers, deer, rabbits, foxes, mice, weasels, stoats – and livestock."

While this may not be the ideal getaway for some individuals, the farm reports that over 250 people have already stayed in these accommodations and many more have made plans for future trips. People who love animals, being in nature or embarking on unusual adventures may have a great time visiting this place.

Another unique stay can be had at the Waterhead Hotel on Windermere Lake. At this location, guests are given the opportunity to design their own rooms, complete with paintings, pillows, edible treats and teapots. As visitors are encouraged to send their family photos to the hotel staff for framing prior to their arrival, these accommodations may appeal to individuals who enjoy feeling as though they are at home while away on vacation. 

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