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Cut prices could mean more cheap flights to Bangkok

Posted on Friday 30 July 2010 in Thailand, Shoestring, Bangkok


From beaches to cultural hot spots, Thailand has it all - Shoestring Travel News

Hoping to distance itself from the political problems of the past, tourism providers in Thailand are slashing prices in a bid to attract travelers to their golden shores and beautiful cities. With discounts going as high as 50 percent, there may be no shortage of cheap flights to Bangkok over the next several weeks.

After several countries, notably the U.S. and the UK, have recently dropped their restrictions on all but the most necessary travel, Thailand has shot up on internet searches, reclaiming its former spot at the top for travel destinations according to local tour operator Travelmood. The Telegraph is reporting that the Southeast Asian country was the third most searched topic overall for June.

Industry analysts agree that the time is right for traveling to Thailand.

"Thailand is arguably the best-value destination in Asia now - without price cutting," Albert Van Walbeek, the chairman of the Pacific Asia Tourism Association, told the news provider. "These [ price cuts] will only create more challenges for tourism organizations that have already suffered low occupancy and demand due to the political crisis."

With the Thai Hotels Association reporting that hotels in the country are only 40 percent full during the high season, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the country of Thailand.

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