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Spend time outdoors in Barcelona's parks

Posted on Wednesday 29 August 2012 in Spain, Scenic Beauty, World heritage, Family, Barcelona


Spend time outdoors in Barcelona's parks  - Scenic Beauty Travel News

Barcelona is home to a range of stunning sites. Famous churches, restaurants and historic locales take center stage on most Barcelona holidays, but travelers should take advantage of the city's most treasured parks.

Güell Park
"Parc Güell" is not the typical urban green space. It began as a development project in 1900 for a successful industrialist by the name of Eusebi Güell, who then commissioned his friend Antoni Gaudí to develop the plans. Gaudí spent almost 15 years creating a vision for the garden village, but when the duo failed to sell a single commercial space, the area was converted into a public park.

Gaudí's artistic influence still lives on in the park today. He may be well known for some other Barcelona treasures, such as the iconic church of Sagrada Familia, but Güell Park is home to several of his buildings, sculptures and other works.

Visitors can take in the amazing stone structures and fountains that decorate the park, as well as the mosaic decor that dominates most of the buildings. Grand staircases and pavilions are brightly colored and give the space a whimsical touch. The house on the premises where Gaudí once lived now acts as a museum dedicated to the artist and contains some interesting pieces of furniture he designed.

All of Gaudí's properties were designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the 1980s. Today, a Barcelona car rental can bring tourists to every one of these places, but a trip to Güell Park gives visitors an inside look.

Citadel Park 
Visitors looking for a more traditional park can spend some time at the oasis known as "Parc de la Ciutadella," or Citadel Park. Featuring a zoo, lakes, fountains and museums, the park is a hotspot for people looking to take a break from the city. Perfect for quick romantic getaways, long walks or just a few hours of respite, Citadel Park offers something for every visitor.

The site was once the central home of the Spanish government and has been a public space since the late 19th century. Today, the idyllic park has acres of open space dotted with fountains and classical buildings

The Natural History Museum of Barcelona handles the display of certain exhibits within Citadel Park, such as the Laboratory of Nature's geology and zoology collections. More museums, a conservatory and several statues round out the structural offerings of the park.

Citadel is the perfect destination for those taking a family vacation in Barcelona. Children will enjoy the 7,500 animals at the zoo while parents enjoy the architecture and beauty of this expansive space.  

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