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Wellness tourism growing in India

Posted on Monday 20 August 2012 in India, Luxury, Spa, Mumbai


Wellness tourism growing in India - Luxury Travel News

Niche tourism has been globally expanding recently, and the trend has reached India. More and more travelers are searching for destinations that enhance their general well-being. Dubbed "wellness tourism," this type of travel emphasizes the importance of health, relaxation and therapy.

There are multiple ways that individuals can look at wellness. On one hand, it can refer to simple relaxation and rejuvenation. On the other hand, wellness tourism may instead be a more spiritual aspect of travel. Thousands of years ago, Greeks and Romans traveled on pilgrimages in search of spiritual healing. While the personal journey may be a little different in today's time, the concept of gaining physical and mental health from a trip still stands.

The India Ministry of Tourism recently issued a statement indicating that wellness tourism is a growing segment of travel in India. The surge in popularity is resulting in more guidelines for wellness centers. These requirements give accreditation to the destinations and promote education and safety when dealing with health and wellness issues.

India as a destination
Recent trends, as reported by cultural professors at the University of Greenwich, point to western tourists traveling east to try out traditional philosophies and therapies. Since India is often associated with health-related spiritual practices, it is natural to see wellness tourists flocking to the country.

With cheap flights to Delhi and Mumbai available for the savvy traveler, the trip is also becoming much easier to plan and carry out than in the past. Hotels are actively building or renovating attached spas. Medispas are also beginning to pop up around the Delhi area. These resorts act as a one-stop destination for those who want to feel better and look younger.

The Indian government is actively highlighting this aspect of tourism in order to create more travel to the country. Citizens can also take advantage of these promotions by trying out wellness centers or resorts while enjoying Mumbai holidays.

The prime goal of these vacations is to ease physical and mental strain, and luckily for residents, India is one of the best destinations for that. Rich spiritual traditions couple with a storied history to create a one-of-a-kind environment for wellness promotion.

For Indian travelers
Indian travelers who wish to tour their own country or try international destinations will have no shortage of options.

Spas are attractive wellness options for visitors. India was ranked among the top 20 spa countries by a global hospitality consultant, and is estimated to have over 2,300 resorts within its borders. Local hotels with spas provide the perfect opportunity for romantic getaways for tourists.

Beach holidays are also very popular for tourists looking to unwind. Indians can often find cheap flights to Phuket, Thailand, where calm waters and powdery shorelines abound. Similarly, island destinations such as those in Malaysia, Indonesia and even Australia are common.

Mixing in some historical sites for personal reflection can also be beneficial for visitors to any region. The University of Greenwich study found that travelers like to visit "transcendent" places, meaning that they search for destinations with beauty or importance. It is for this reasons that oceans and mountains are popular spa locations, and also where travelers can find some of the best spots for improving their wellness.

Wellness tourism is growing into a segment that cannot be ignored. Whether travelers are looking for extended vacations or weekend getaways, there are interesting and affordable options available both in India and abroad. Combining personal wellness with vacations is just one way tourists are looking to specialize their vacation options and get the most out of their time off. 

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