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Travelers sample the world's cuisine in Madrid

Posted on Wednesday 28 July 2010 in Food & Wine, Madrid


Everything from tapas to sushi awaits in Madrid - Food & Wine Travel News

With the rampant growth of the Indian tourism industry, many people are beginning to look abroad when planning their summer holidays. Yet choosing a specific destination from a world of options can prove a difficult task. One way to simplify the process is to boil down one's expectations to their simplest form and decide what is truly the most important part of the trip. For those travelers who are seeking a uniquely beautiful culinary scene, Madrid, Spain, may be the ultimate destination.

According to the New York Times, Madrid has emerged as one of the premier cities for foods of all kinds. The city, which is often associated with the traditional Spanish novelties known as tapas, is home to a vibrant collection of nationalities bringing about some of the finest flavors from Asian, South American and continental European cuisine.

"Right now no other European city except London offers the same range and diversity of international cuisine," Victor de la Serna, an editor and food writer for the newspaper El Mundo, told the Times. "Plus here you have ‘New World’ restaurants serving gourmet Peruvian or down-home New Orleans that would be inconceivable in Paris."

Restaurants of note include the traditional Spanish eatery Diverxo, the Asian-Latin fusion of Sudestada and the Japanese stylings of the 99 Sushi Bar.

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