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New pass from SkyTeam allows travellers to explore Russia

Posted on Friday 27 April 2012 in Themes, Adventure, Airport, Flights


When Indian travellers want to visit an expansive country, they may feel they have to limit themselves to only one city or destination. - Adventure Travel News

When Indian travellers want to visit an expansive country, they may feel they have to limit themselves to only one city or destination. However, airline alliances are making it easier for tourists to fully explore a continent or country with flexibility and at wallet-friendly rates.

For instance, the SkyTeam organisation announced that they have launched a new program allowing passengers to buy one pass to see all of Russia at their leisure. The Go Russia Pass will be available to those taking flights from participating countries and permit them to book a number of routes within Russia for one price. Beginning in May, travellers will have access to this special ticket, which can encourage nationwide travel and create new opportunities for customers to see locales they may have not considered in the past.

"With the Russian economy continuing to perform strongly, the Go Russia Pass has been designed to meet the demand for increased travel within the country," said Alfredo Frassoni, Manager Revenue Management and Fare Products at SkyTeam. "The majority of SkyTeam airlines fly to Moscow and the Go Russia Pass enables customers to visit multiple cities in one trip, maximising the potential for business travel and tourism."

The pass is not the first offered by the SkyTeam for those who want to see multiple locales on their holidays. According to the organisation's website, similar programs can be found for exploring Africa, Europe, Mexico and the U.S. As long as customers arrive to any of these destinations form an outside location, they can utilise the pass perks and fly up to 15 times during one trip within approved transportation hubs. For instance, tourists can pick from 44 different countries in Europe to see on one pass through SkyTeam. For the new program in Russia, there are roughly 30 destinations to choose from, such as St. Petersburg, Moscow, the region of Siberia and villages of the Eastern region of Russia.

SkyTeam is a global group of airlines that assists passengers seamlessly book flights on a number of carriers, most of which offer the same high level of service and amenities. Some of the members include Czech Airlines, Air France, Kenya Airways and Korean Air. Indian travellers who expect the best from their flight can consider booking holidays with airlines like these that belong to alliances, ensuring quality and comfort on a future flight.

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