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More Indians turning to adventure travel

Posted on Tuesday 07 August 2012 in India, Adventure


More Indians turning to adventure travel  - Adventure Travel News

Traditional vacations have always been popular with Indian travelers, but it looks as if a new wave of travel is rapidly expanding. With some leading travel agencies seeing annual growth up to 400 percent, industry trends suggest that Indians are taking to adventure travel in a big way.

While this type of travel is growing rapidly in India, it appears that the country may be following global cues when it comes to vacation trends. According to a leading web-based travel aggregator, adventure trips make up nearly a quarter of world travel, which is nearly three times what it was a decade ago. As these numbers increase globally, Indian adventure travel has risen.

Where to go
The basic idea behind adventure travel is that people want to "live" a destination, not just visit it. Popular thrill-seeking tours include trips that trek through the Himalayas or white water rafting on the River Ganga. Offbeat locations and activities are becoming more prevalent in the industry as Indians look to get more out of their vacations than just relaxation.

Traditional resorts are beginning to offer adventure excursions as well. Scenic locations across the country are branching out with special activities that cater to thrill-seeking guests. With special day trips for corporate adventures or family oriented tours, even people who do not want to base their entire trip around an activity can find something.

Luxury travel is starting to incorporate elements of adventure as well, with quiet destinations mixing in outings for a more diverse itinerary. Not all of these activities are heart-stopping - The Times of India notes that they can range from apple picking to "haunted" location tours - but the central idea is the same. Travelers want to experience different things while on the move.

In India
Many of the region's most popular adventurous options are located right in India and make up part of the country's $2 billion adventure travel industry. Interested vacationers can look into Mumbai or Delhi car rentals to get them to their destination. Companies specializing in these thrilling excursions are growing throughout the country, with The Times of India noting local getaways that feature skydiving or super speed car racing.

Niche travel is popping up all over India, and there are many opportunities for anyone who is interested in these exciting activities. Heart-stopping adventures can be the focus of a trip or just a supplement, but either way provides a unique perspective on a destination. 

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