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Change your life with one vacation

Posted on Tuesday 07 December 2010 in Adventure


Take a bicycle tour through the valley. - Adventure Travel News

Many people go on vacation to escape daily stresses and take a break from responsibility, but most don't have a life-changing impact. While it can be nice to relax in a tropical locale, Travel + Leisure recently offered a few ideas for Indian travelers who want an exciting adventure that is sure to change their outlook on life.

Quite the opposite of a sunny summer vacation, a trip to Antarctica will surely give visitors a lasting, memorable experience. Take an escorted tour of the frozen continent to see amazing views of emperor penguins in their natural habitat or a 200-foot icefall. Some tour operators even offer the once-in-a-lifetime chance to go kite-skiing across the icy horizon.

For travelers who want to spend their holiday in a warmer climate, visit the Leakey family in Kenya. They are famous for devoting their lives to studying civilization, and tourists have the incredible opportunity to embark on an archaeological digging excursion with the family to discover ancient fossils and more.

These exotic destinations aren't the only places where one can find a life-changing experience. Head back to a favorite vacation spot and try out new ways of exploring the area. For example, returning visitors to France can see a new side of the country by bicycling through Loire Valley.

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