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Antarctica offers an once-in-a-lifetime travel experience

Posted on Wednesday 18 April 2012 in Argentina, Adventure, Buenos Aires


Adventure travel lovers from India may be looking to plan an upcoming holiday that truly pushes the limits.  - Adventure Travel News

Adventure travel lovers from India may be looking to plan an upcoming holiday that truly pushes the limits. An interesting destination that is largely isolated and one of the coldest places on the planet is Antarctica. Indian travellers can head to this ice-covered region without a passport or needing to know a different language, as the only people who are there usually are scientists and the occasional thrill-seeker.

Travellers choose to venture to Antarctica for the ultimate excursion

According to the BBC, trips to the continent are growing in popularity as many hope to touch ground and lay claim that they have journeyed to the ends of the Earth. Some hope to spot the unique wildlife that calls the continent home, while others want to learn more about the environment that boasts some of the harshest weather conditions on the planet.

Many tourists who decide to journey to Antarctica begin by taking flights to Buenos Aires in Argentina and head south to the small town of Ushuaia before eventually sailing on a ship to the Falkland Islands. Many travellers will spend some time touring the villages on the islands and seeing some historical and cultural landmarks before embarking on the trip to Antarctica.

Those who make it to the continent of ice will have the experience of touring scientific facilities, seeing wild penguins and seals, or simply admiring the alien-like views from the ship. Depending on how much time and financial resources travellers have, they can spend a few hours or several weeks in the area helping out with research projects or taking photos of the mountainous glaciers.

Conservation efforts in effect to protect Antarctica

According to the International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators (IAATO), roughly 30,000 civilians visit the continent ever year. The IAATO was established in the early 1990s to promote conservation and protection of the continent's snowy landscapes and the animals that live along the water's edge. Officials from the organisation try to discourage visitors from taking their own private boats into the Arctic Ocean which could inadvertently damage natural habitats.

Indian travellers considering a vacation to Antarctica can look into the opportunities offered by tour groups associated with the IAATO, which will ensure everyone's safety and security while venturing to this unpredictable and rugged environment.

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