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Thailand Travel News

Unique Bangkok hotels you'll hate to leave - Hotels Travel News

During your Bangkok holidays, why not stay in hotels that are artsy, cosy, relaxed and feel like home? There are so many excellent options. After seeing the Wat Pho, Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaew and hanging out on the beaches, enjoy your stay in one of these .. Read more

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Stunning bodies of water across the globe - Beach & Islands Travel News

Water holds many secrets, and in these places around the world, the secrets are stunningly beautiful. Here are some of the top spots on the planet for seeing natural beauty:

Jellyfish Lake, Koror, Palau The South Pacific archipelago nation of Palau has 70 saltwater lake.. Read more

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From factory to luxury: Amazing converted hotels around the world - Luxury Travel News

Some of the best  hotels to stay in are those that have an interesting history. If you like a good story, check out these hotels around the world that were used for much different purposes in their previous lives:

Four Seasons Hotel at Sultanahmet, Istanbul.. Read more

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Westin offers several kid-friendly options to make family travel fun - Family Travel News

Whether you're in the market for New York, Dublin or Delhi holidays with the family, you don't have to sacrifice luxury in order to get kid-friendly. The Westin hotels offer several options to keep kids and their parents happy, beginning with a goody bag for kid.. Read more

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Four Seasons is most-searched luxury hotel by travellers - Beach & Islands Travel News

The Digital Luxury Group reported in its first ever World Luxury Index that the Four Seasons hotels were the most-searched standalone hotel chain in the world. The group analyzed 133 million searches and found that the Four Seasons ranked first in searches of luxur.. Read more

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