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Sporting events bring the world's attention to Brazil - Beach & Islands Travel News

It's not even halfway through 2013 and Brazil already has its eyes set on the years to come. That is to be expected, however, as the country is set to receive an unprecedented amount of attention when it hosts the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Summer Olympics. Read more

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South Africa continues to target Indian travelers - Food & Wine Travel News

Adventure travel enthusiasts are constantly looking for new destinations to explore. These globetrotters are often filled with wanderlust, eager to head to snowy mountains, sandy beaches and bustling cities in an effort to discover a whole new culture. 

Wheth.. Read more

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Best places to watch a football game in Europe - Spectator Sports Travel News

Europe's favorite pastime is football, and the fans there are legendary for their passion and intensity. The sport is an integral part of European culture, and one of the best places to have an authentic travel experience is at a match.

Olympiastadion, BerlinRead more

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London prepares for summer Olympics and offers travellers affordable options - Family Travel News

As the thrilling Olympic Games in London, England, creep closer to the opening ceremonies, Indian travellers may be trying to decide if a trip to the UK during these exciting times is worth it. Some may think a holiday is unfeasible, due to rising rates for accommodatio.. Read more

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Give the gift of live entertainment this year - Spectator Sports Travel News

With Christmas quickly approaching, many people may be scratching their heads, wondering what exactly they should purchase for their significant other, close friends and other loved ones this holiday season. While shopping for the perfect present can often be a challeng.. Read more

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