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More Indians are exploring exotic locales on holiday

Posted on Tuesday 12 June 2012 in South Africa, Thailand


Indian travellers are wandering to all corners of the globe more than ever before, reports the Indo-Asian News Service.  - South Africa Travel News

Indian travellers are wandering to all corners of the globe more than ever before, reports the Indo-Asian News Service. Many individuals are seeking adventure travel excursions in countries on all continents, whether they prefer beach holidays or a cultural experiences. When these types of travellers book their trips, they have often saved up for their exotic excursion and plan to get the most out of a getaway abroad.

Specific demographics of Indian choose exotic luxury travel

Both the internet and an increase in disposable income is playing a role in how Indians choose to see the world. Social media and online travel guides offer more options for international tourists than ever, allowing individuals to take flights to Prague or reserve a Malaga car hire without much trouble. Booking agents online also play a role in Indian travel trends, as transportation, tour adventures and accommodations can be made quickly and efficiently, often at wallet-friendly rates. Cheaper options are also causing many Indians to upgrade their travel plans to stay at more indulgent hotels or fly in a class higher than they normally would.

"[An increase] in disposable [income] has led to a tremendous rise in the number of Indian travellers over the last few years and there is still tremendous potential left untapped," said George Kutty, secretary of the Travel Agents Association of India's northern region.

South Africa welcomes an influx of Indian travellers

Among the best places for Indian travellers to seek an escape is South Africa. With vibrant metropolises and plenty of diverse wildlife, tourists are finding this location suits the needs of a variety of visitors. Individuals often try various outdoor pursuits, such as safaris and mountain climbing, or they can attend art and dance shows in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

"As per our research, a majority of Indians love a mix of adventure and leisure activities," said Hanneli Slabber, head of South African Tourism. "From bungee jumping to window shopping, South Africa is the perfect blend of both."

Asia remains a popular destination for Indian tourists

Even venturing across borders into other Asian countries can give Indian travellers a new and thrilling travel experience. While many of the standard, larger cities or popular islands remain high on Indians' travel bucket lists, more are heading to locales off the beaten path to have more memorable and unique getaways.

"An ever-increasing number of Indian travellers are opting for places like Kao Mai, Phi Phi islands and Hua Hin in Thailand instead of just Bangkok and Phuket," said Manmeet Ahluwalia, head of marketing at Expedia India. "The numbers of such people are rising."

Phi Phi, for instance, is a group of islands near Phuket that offer a more rugged and isolated atmosphere for travellers to encounter. The main island, called Ko Phi Phi, is home to many residents that create handmade crafts like pineapple paper for guests to purchase and welcome travellers to sample their fresh, remarkable cuisine.

Other hotspots for adventure travel expeditions

Costa Rica is an additional destination that welcomes Indian travellers to explore its colourful jungles, gorgeous beaches and tropical wildlife. Many other Central American countries have great options for guests when it comes to exceptional hotel rates and options for outdoor activities.

Indian travellers who want to think outside the box for their next holiday can consider researching the options for encountering far away locales.

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