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Philippines launches social media sites for travellers

Posted on Friday 04 May 2012 in Philippines


Most major tourism boards have found ways to use online communication to their advantage when it comes to campaigns and promotions.  - Philippines Travel News

Most major tourism boards have found ways to use online communication to their advantage when it comes to campaigns and promotions. Travellers are more likely to turn to social media platforms and online forums to find top travel tips on what to see and do than in traditional guide books or through travel agencies. Therefore, many organisations are changing the way they market to the masses by introducing new Twitter, Facebook and even Pinterest accounts so that everyday tourists can exchange ideas and swap stories about their personal travel experiences.

Countries across the globe are jumping on board and utilising these tactics of advertising and promotion. The Philippines Department of Tourism is one of the newest organisations on the scene, as they recently launched a campaign that asks locals and travellers alike to share their experiences about vacationing in the country.

The Twitter and Facebook pages connect with the Department of Tourism's main website,, which offers insightful information on the best attractions, outdoor activities, dining options and more. However, officials said they wanted to get the opinions of those who had visited and spent leisure time in the area, so the idea of using social media was born.

"We just opened another battlefront, which was the social media side and tapping into the fact that there are 27 million Filipinos on Facebook," said campaign creator David Guerrero.

Although not all the feedback has been positive about the area, experts said they understood the risks going into announcing an open forum of input. Some travellers appreciate the honesty of these platforms, which, in turn, usually does more good than bad when it concerns exposure and promotion.

As of now, the Facebook page has received more than 22,000 "likes" and has hundreds of images posted of people enjoying their holidays on the islands. Some travellers are seen in front of ancient temples, while others have offered photos of themselves and friends swimming with dolphins.

Indian travellers planning their next trip abroad should search the web for helpful social media accounts that can offer real-time advice on venturing to certain locales. These sites allow professionals and tourists to upload pictures, post messages and more, even while they are on trip themselves. While traditional means of accessing travel information are still useful, social media sites are now the norm for people organising their holidays abroad.

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