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Paris Travel News

How to dress like a local in Paris - Paris Travel News

One of the more overlooked dynamics of travelling is trying not to stick out too much as a tourist. For those holiday-seekers trying to truly blend in, looking the part will help you fit in with the locals and embrace the culture better. When it comes to fashi.. Read more

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Bon Appétit in Paris! - Paris Travel News

Paris may be renowned for its romance, but the real secret to all the love that is spread throughout the city is for the supreme French cuisine. Lusciously filled crepes for breakfast, four-cheese souffle for lunch and some of the finest fillet medallions in all of Euro.. Read more

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How to eat vegetarian in Paris - Food & Wine Travel News

It wasn't always easy to find a vegetarian meal in Paris, let alone a vegetarian restaurant. This is a country that has made goose liver and the mismatch of meats that is pot au feu appealing to the masses. But if you're vegan or vegetarian, it's m.. Read more

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Most breathtaking places in the world for ice skating - London Travel News

Ice skating is a beloved winter pastime for many people in places with chilly winters. But visitors from warmer places should definitely try their hand - or foot - at ice skating. Check out some of the most beautiful ice skating spots in the world:

Eiffel Tower Ice Rink,.. Read more

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Unique Paris museums for the truly curious - Paris Travel News

The most well-known museums in Paris - and truly some of the most famous around the world - are the Louvre and the Museé d' Orsay, which boast world-renowned art collections. But the City of Love has some lesser-known museums that are worth a look, if not for.. Read more

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